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"Tales with MORAL"



Somewhere in this world, an economical crisis has been plaguing that place for a long time and now everyone has debts and lives on credit.

Fortunately, a millionaire wrapped up with money arrives suddenly to this small town and enters to the only small hotel in the place, asks for a room, puts a 100 dollar bill on the receptionist's table and goes to see the rooms.

  • Immediately, the hotel manager grabs the $100 note and runs off to pay his debts with:

  • The butcher.

  • The butcher then takes the $100 note and runs off to pay his debt with:

  • The pig farmer.

  • At this very moment the pig farmer runs out to pay what he owes to:

  • The mill animal food supplier.

  • The owner of the mill takes the $100 note on the flight and runs to settle his debt with:

  • Maria the prostitute, since he has not paid for her services in a long time. In times of crisis, even she also offers credit services...

  • The prostitute with the $100 note in hand now leaves heading to:

  • The small hotel in the town, where she had brought many of her clients the last few times and had not yet paid her debts and then proudly handed the 100 dollar bill:

  • ¡To the manager & owner of the hotel!

At this moment the millionaire who has just taken a look at the rooms comes down, says he is not convinced by any of them, takes his 100 dollar bill and leaves.

"Nobody has earned a penny, but now the whole city lives without debts and looks the new future now with more confidence!!"



Let's consume more in small shops and local markets.

  • ¡Stop banalities!
  1. Consume what your friends and your country produce!!
  2. If your friend has a microenterprise, buy from him!
  3. If your friend sells clothes, buy from him!
  4. If your friend sells shoes, buy from him!
  5. If your friend sells Pastry, buy from her!
  6. If your friend does nails, go there & take your mom with you!
  7. If your friend is an accountant, go with him and get his advice!
  8. If my friend owned a restaurant... What do you think I'd do?
    Obviously I would eat there!
  9. If a friend of mine had a bakery, over there I would go!
  10. If a friend of mine had a shop, in that one I would buy!

The next time you enter into a large bakery, just remember your friends, your sister, your cousin, your uncle and anyone else in your very own local community who sells pies, and make patty, muffins, puff pastries & cakes which are also delicious.

At the end of the day, most of the money that is raised and collected by large corporations; ¿What do you think they usually do with this money? All that money flies away and leaves the country! But when you buy from a local entrepreneur, a promising startup, a small medium business of your friends, you help them, we all win and contribute to our economy.

Let's support entrepreneurship...
Let's support local consumption....
Let's support national production.

Have you heard before about Oneida in New York, Icaria in Texas, Twin Oaks in Virginia, O+ in Kingston New York with their own Hudson Valley Current digital currency among many other utopian communities out there across the globe?

By instance, the community of Los Horcones in Hermosillo Mexico or Marinaleda in Seville Andalusia and also Walden 7 with its apartments building complex in Sant Just Desvern, Catalonia, Spain. This last one just for some Artsy inspiration. Among many others throughout Europe?

"The Lean Economy"

A Story of Pots

"We will have to prepare for an economy with more "gigs" and fewer "good" jobs"


Shifting our mindset from a taut, tense, and 'competitive' economy to one that intentionally builds in “slack”.

With the seeming inefficiencies of a slack system, one can have greater choices in how to use one’s time, rather than be locked into a market system that revolves around money and thus the maximum earning of money.

"The Intensification Paradox"


One of the invisible downsides to the modern economy is the huge layer of intermediary structures – roads, electrical grids, landfills, plus the plenty and diverse administrative systems that are needed to keep “the economy” going and thereby produce the countless things we want or need.

Aphorisms, Spoonerisms, Wellerisms and other isms.

"We'll Have To Rehearse That"

...said the undertaker as the coffin fell out of the car.

Utopia or Dystopia

In a current world that is changing at an astounding rate with many new technological innovations and improvements in automation of everything.

With leaps and bounds in the fields of Robotics, AI, IoT, Deep Learning, Big Data, Energy Storage, FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, 5G, self-driving cars and trucks, online shopping and instant delivery of goodies by drones, besides of many revolutionary advances in DNA Sequencing and a long long etcetera.

Where the biggest Corporations & Banks jointly with many big enterprises and companies are now desperately looking to change faster our current political, economical and societal structures in their favor. Trying to make their productivity tasks & huge ROI easier, faster and cheaper.

Whether it be at the moment by reducing costs outsourcing labor abroad all over the world in alternative markets where they can way easier dictate smaller wages, prices and how we should live as a society.

And in the measure that no one can notice their greedy globalization game in such hidden and furtive way that they can still continue extracting even more wealth from the already impoverished working population as long as they don't become disgruntled or they wake up one day and realize that the mass of services, products and finances they provide all need to be spread and decentralised asap.

All of them way before they can automate everything until the point to actually be able to trim a little more off the wage bill. And in consequence also quickly render employees and all human labor finally disposable and worthless in the process.

We certainly should act accordingly as soon as possible with all the means at our reach and then try to diligently counter their plans in a due effort to minimize the pernicious effects of these upcoming highly egoistic biznis practices of 'inhuman' labor usurpation in a very near future.

«-'Abstract Aural Bit'-»

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf


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EDIT: Don't take it as a personal attack, because that's not what I want to be, but knowing you say you are Venezuelan, where Spanish and some indigenous languages are spoken -not English-, why is that you are only writing here in English? Doesn't you write mainly for those which will be your potential customers? It looks to me you are writing in English because you want to get as many upvotes as possible, and that can only be achieved by writing in a language most people will understand. So you are not promoting local commerce.

That's the way it works with demagogy, they say whatever to touch feelings of people but they don't apply to themselves. They are not fools.

Consume what your friends and your country produce!!

There is a name for that: autarchy

I only buy where I find prices aligned with quality. I would buy everything in the closest possible place. Why travel to other neighborhood, even on a small village like mine, when you could get something just at the next door or crossing the road? Because price, the quickness I could quit the shop or the way the seller treats me or other clients.

Don't get me wrong. I buy most of the times at the shop in front of my home. They are owned by a Pakistani family. I go, know where things are located, pay and leave the place. Sometimes I have to come back because of expired products. I trust them and they also exchange them by newer -non expired ones-. Their place is very convenient. They only charge a little bit more, just cents, and I have been paying the same price for products for YEARS.

However, I am not buying there because of the demagogy of "poor little local shops". I am buying there because of being very near and they are trusty.