I know that. There is no rule against reposting your own post. This a a refresh as our business needed some more exposure so I reposted my own original post. As far as I know the rules state that you can repost?

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There are no official "rules" at all.
Reposting old content is frowned upon by many, and can be considered as spam. If someone decides that you shouldn't be rewarded for the exact same content multiple times there's also no rule that forbids a downvote ;-)

No problem. I understand it is a matter of opinion. I hardly ever do that and usually add updates if I do. But i guess it is everyone's prerogative to decide. Thanks for response.

Besides it being a matter of opinion, duplicate content is also not treated well by search engines. For your own sake (and for the ranking of steem as well) it would be better to come up with something new when you decide it's time to promote your business the next time.

Agreed. Have added a paragraph at the top to change it a bit. Appreciate your feedback.

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For reposting older posts you could use the #showcase-sunday tag - that's made for such cases. Everyone will know it's not a new post but one the author thinks is still important and of use to the community.

Thank you. Will definately bare that in mind if I ever do repost something. Appreciate your advice.

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@curangel it is fine. No problem for downvote I understand it is your prerogative and accept your opinion. I did add a preamble update to the post so it is not exactly the same. All good. I do intend posting some more about Bokkeveld Tea soon and will make sure it is totally different to anything previously posted.

Have a good Sunday.

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