“Newsom Proposes 28th Amendment” is guaranteed to get more clicks and shares than “Newsom Supports Legislative Package.”

in #newsom4 months ago


This would be the appropriate way for Democrats to go, rather than continuing to pretend that 2nd Amendment rights are somehow inferior to other constitutional rights.

Granted it's an uphill climb, because the Framers mistakenly made the Constitution too hard to amend. But a lot of the difficulty would depend on the language of the amendment.

You'll never pass a constitutional ban on guns (and it would be inappropriate as constitutions are to shape government, not directly regulate the people). Even an amendment allowing state or federal bans is a guaranteed political loser.

But an amendment carefully written to allow reasonable regulations (which Democrats pretend - insincerely - is all they want) could potentially, in time--if our current conservative stance of standing for nothing except anything that pisses off liberals recedes--have some chance of narrowly passing.

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