weeken me and friend to island of Bali indonesia

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This is the first time me and my friends on the island of Bali weekend

journey from poor to bali
This is used to introduce my friends

Many islands are in Indonesia should visit this
Indonesia diverse beauty I am proud to be part of Indonesia

the journey to Bali strenuous enough but if
together with my friends tiredness was gone instantly

before reaching bali we pause to eat and drink
because this journey is quite far

during a break, we had enough and we continued the journey

and the night arrived u
when they arrived in Bali we decided to stay and continue to the next day to explore the island of Bali

and I met with the foreign tourists who visited Bali

after sleeping overnight in hotel
and arrived the morning came we rushed visit to wisata panglipura bali

after arriving at the destination
we also have fun to take pictures

after that we continued our trip to the beach bali
to see the sights
and see the eye sinks

scenery that no one will ever miss

when satisfied on the beach we continued
to enjoy the beautiful night in bali

after a day of walking the road we decided to
go back to the hotel
to restore power

and this is the scenery in the morning we can not miss too

before we go back to our town we took time to photograph a group photo

and this is our way of bali toward the beloved city

if you are interested to visit the island of Bali Indonesia come join

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Wow, its beautiful place..
I hope i can visit to bali someday :)



Great photo's and journey - looks like you had fun :)


YES I am very happy