The Infocalypse, The Machine and the Future

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The Infocalypse changes the world: some rare individuals become creators, while billions lose interest in truth and self-realization due to its excessive complexity. Why shall one even try to understand politics, news, technology, and even the device of his or her own phone, if responsibility and privileges can be transferred to government, God, bloggers, reviewers and the media?

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Most people today derive pleasures from simple and understandable things and tend to ignore various complex matters. Trends of the progress also contribute to this: it is easier for robots to defeat a grandmaster in a chess game than to clean a chess table from dust. In other words, the progress squeezes us out of difficult areas, leaving most basic processes last. People need to hold their breath and emerge to the maximum level of difficulty, straining their willpower with all their might, or to pick the way of a gradual immersion into the dark and hollow abyss.

Another coast on which the waves of the world of the future are washing sand castles of the present into the ocean is the market of virtual bots. Indeed, where artisans and craftsmen are replaced by physical robots, virtual robots come to replace their colleagues from the offices. The Creators “code” stock speculators, bankers, exchange offices, resellers and build up entire virtual corporations. Corporations, whose departments are to be sold, leased, exchanged and even replicated. In the future, this trend will only worsen.

Most likely, paternalists and supporters of the consumption paradigm will be cut off from the society by a combination of various rating systems, a ban on working (volunteering will still be allowed), and a rigid organizational structure of the swarm. Meanwhile, Willpower will be the only tool for migration between castes and “heading to the stars”.

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