The Truth About The Trump Administration: Genie Energy's Inherent Subjugation

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In the months following the conclusion of the epic 2016 U.S. Election, the Trump administration has wrought a good number of things, to some it had given hope of a different future while others had harshly lambasted it — all while numerous "investigations" into a "Russian conflict of interest" loomed overhead.

We need to talk about a different conflict of interest, however, one that is not merely a decoy.

And this is coming from someone who supported U.S. President Donald Trump & helped get him elected.

Hope for a different path ended on April 7th, 2017, when the Shayrat Airbase in Syria was struck by Tomahawk cruise missiles launched by the U.S. Navy. These strikes subsequently alleviated pressure being applied by Syrian government forces, near the Golan Heights, ensuring a hardened encampment for a future Israeli expansion by ground.


Enter Genie Energy Ltd.:

Genie Energy Ltd. (GNE) is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, it comprises both Genie Retail Energy as well as Genie Oil And Gas (GOGAS). Investment into the energy company officially began as the Syrian Civil War was beginning to heat up.

Afek Oil And Gas is the primary wing of the corporation responsible for the Golan Heights.

Genie Energy Ltd. was founded by Howard Jonas, who also founded IDT Corporation, the 'parent company' which is essentially one & the same with Genie. Jonas has said that 25-40% of his employees are [Orthodox] Jewish, many dual citizens, or simply Israeli citizens.

Equity stakes in Genie Energy were purchased just a few months before the initialization phase of the Syrian Civil War.

Initially focused on exploiting shale oil, Genie Energy would primarily expand on exploring the Golan Heights, after discovering an enormous & permanent supply.

Jared Kushner's inherent relationship with Rupert Murdoch, primarily due to wife Ivanka [Yael] Trump, is definitively the most 'visible' conflict of interest — but it is not actually the most significant.

This has been reported, to a minor degree, by such individuals as Lee Stranahan.

Murdoch sits on the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Oil And Gas, along with other such colorful characters as Dick Cheney, former CIA Director James Woolsey & even Lord Jacob Rothschild.

As some will note, Woolsey (Member: Project For The New American Century) was another one of Genie Energy's connections to Trump, as a senior adviser.

Unlike other members who have come & then gone — they have sat permanently.

Nobody wants invasion of Syria by US, but what will a few Tomahawks achieve? Where are our Stealth bombers if we need them?
Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch) September 1, 2013

[ Archive ]

Murdoch has previously called for Tomahawk missile strikes on Syria in 2013, during Barack Obama's attempt at initializing a broader regional conflict, which created a brief stand off with the Russian Navy.

This was based on an alleged CW (Chemical Weapon) attack in Ghouta, Syria, which the U.S. blamed Syria for. The same narrative was once again used multiple times this year, one of which led to the attack on Shayrat Airbase (FAA LID: OS65).

Rupert Murdoch & Ivanka Trump

[ Archive ]

Per Genie's Energy's website, the President of Genie Oil And Gas is Efraim Eitam, who is leading exploitation of the Golan Heights. He's also in the video above. A Brigadier General in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Reserves, he has previously called all Arabs in Israel a "cancer" & advocates for Israeli domination as well as expansion.

The Electronic Intifada:

Shortly thereafter, Eitam resigned from the army, but his career flourished. Elected to the Knesset in February 2003, he helped form the National Religious Party and the Renewed Religious National Zionist Party. In 2002-04 he held several cabinet-level portfolios in the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, including minister of housing and construction, a post he used to accelerate settlement in the Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Smoking Gun:

The most troubling conflict of interest, however, is Genie Energy's direct involvement. Something that has been minimally reported, if reported at all, it seems none have made the connection.

This is an issue the Alt-Right thus far has ignored, despite proof of the corporation's deep involvement being publicly available, neither has the media made any attempt to shed light on this.

[ Archive ]

Genie Energy's Ira Greenstein, who donated to the Trump campaign in 2015, was directly involved in overseeing applicant interviews for the administration during the presidential transition. Greenstein is was the President of Genie Energy, up until early May & has a history with IDT Corporation being its CEO back in 2003.

Note that Greenstein invested into the Trump campaign in August of 2015, just a few weeks after Afek Oil And Gas discovered increasing amounts of hydrocarbons in the Golan Heights, at the Ness-3 drilling site.

[ Archive ]

Due to the enormous conflict of interest already present through Kushner as well as former IDT Corporation's Michael Glassner, also having the President of Genie Energy being involved directly in this, takes the issue up a notch.

Times Union:

Fueled by coffee and chicken salad sandwiches from the Trump Tower's cafe, Sweeney and three other high-powered Trump partisans have completed more than 300 interviews thus far. They're conducting 30- to 60-minute interviews of applicants for jobs including senior national security and intelligence positions, ambassadors, undersecretaries and top-ranking officials in nearly every federal agency. They conduct interviews by phone or in person and rank finalists 1 through 5. The final hiring is done by senior Trump aides following background checks.

As noted, senior aides would include people such as Kushner, within the Office of the Chief of Staff.

This gave an energy corporation, with a vested interest in permanently controlling territory beyond the Golan Heights [Syria], rule over who to put into power in the United States — across the entire spectrum.

Subsequently giving the corporation as a whole an inordinate amount of authority, regardless of what actually happens to Trump in the future, their influence is consolidated.

Yes, that should be very alarming.

[ Archive ]

Greenstein was also in the White House up until March 10th, 2017, though it may have been longer [?], despite having done interviews for the administration at Trump Tower.

His presence alongside Kushner at the White House should be setting off alarm bells.

This being but a few weeks before April 7th, 2017, some may see a disturbing relation, between that & the attack.

Decoys & Mirrors:

So, where does the "Russian connection" being played up by the media come in?

[ Archive ]

Like CNN's 24/7 coverage, Louise Mensch has been paramount in driving the 'Russian narrative,' whereby the core of which rests on one sole requirement.

That it goes nowhere.

This is in fact due to Mensch working for Murdoch, which consequently means she actually works for Trump, as well as Genie Energy itself by proxy.

We know that she removed her social media history before receiving this assignment, particularly on her Twitter, where she previously had 43,592 Tweets in 2013, 78,294 Tweets in 2014 & 132,862 Tweets in 2016. As of this posting, her Tweet history all the way until the beginning of this year, is gone.


So, if the Russian narrative is driven by Mensch alongside 'opposition media,' what is driving the other side? The answer may surprise some.

Peter Thiel, the slayer of media, along with right-hand servant Jeff Giesea have like Mensch been paramount themselves — in consolidating the success of the Trump administration. Proclaiming that they are edgy libertarians, despite one being a member of Bilderberg, the opposite appears to be the case.

Giesea & Thiel have something in common:

While at Stanford University they were mentored by Irving Kristol, the godfather of neoconservatives, as well as late father to William Kristol. In other words they aspired to the doctrine of the most instrumental driver which would one day lead to the Project For The New American Century.

I'm disgusted by the torture taking place in #Syria. Example (warning: really graphic)
Jeff Giesea (@jeffgiesea) May 16, 2013

[ Archive ]

In an old Tweet Giesea has displayed strong emotions against Bashar al-Assad, although the video is no longer available, we can still see the description of it here. "Torture in Syria," vague!

Noch solche bedauerlich Irrtümer der Assad Schergen:

Luckily it has been posted before with the description "noch solche bedauerlich Irrtümer der Assad Schergen" which means:

Such regrettable errors of the Assad minions...

More to come as time permits.

Graphics/screenshots by me, header is my own original art & personal mascot.


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rupertmurdoch Rupert Murdoch tweeted @ 01 Sep 2013 - 13:42 UTC

Nobody wants invasion of Syria by US, but what will a few Tomahawks achieve? Where are our Stealth bombers if we need them?

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Excellent article, thank you!
Never heard of Genie Oil, then saw a video clip, googled it and found your article.
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