A Few Days of The premiere of the second part of the eighth season of The Walking Dead

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Hello my dear friends of steemit, a few days after the continuation of the eighth season this February 25, The Walking Dead is the series that has driven the world crazy considering it went viral quickly the fans left in all corners of the world, sera What was the blood thirst of the zombies that caught our attention? or imagine that a zombie apocalypse invades the planet and prepare us to know what to do in case it happens hahaha lol, I do not know but this series really caught the attention of many people either for one thing or the other.


We all look forward to knowing how this story will end and who will win the final battle between Rick and Negan. The son of Rick, who has participated in the series since its premiere, was bitten in the torso by a walker. The death of Carl the son of the sheriff was something that the public was not expected but it was the most effective way that the producers managed to leave the spectators wanting more and to know what will happen for the second part of the eighth season, Although some still hope that Carl is immune or something like that we'll have to wait to see how the series will continue without him and how the other characters in the series will take it.