A must see infograph on #pizzagate #pedogate Read to the end and make up your own mind

in news •  10 months ago

I came across this infograph much before I became a part of seemit and never bothered to share it on stupid social media sites I pretty much don't use at all. I stumbled upon this today and remembered that I haven't shared it with anyone. I'm not making any claims. I see that there are valuable information contained within this large infograph and you can make up your own mind after reading. All I ask is one thing. Read from the beginning to the end without judgement and then decide if its worth sharing or not.

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wikileaks mails look blurred , how to see them them clearly here ?


Use Ctrl+Scroll Wheel up to zoom the page.

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At the end of the day it just mere speculation , there no cold hard proof yet although I don't exclude it the possibility . You will find beasts at the unexpected places .