I lost my account and here's how I got it back

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We are living in a cruel and cold world where there are too many greedy people who are ready to devour everything you have including you. I lost my account sometimes ago and have been unable to have access. I tried all I could to get it back but my effort was unsuccessful. In a nutshell, a couple of days ago I was googling and I had an idea. I thought about finding out how I can retrieve my steemit account through google. Lo and behold I got all the information I needed when I searched. I simply opened steemit and went straight to the menu and clicked on 'STOLEN ACCOUNT RECOVERY' and I was directed to another page where I was able to input my username, my email and my recent password for submission. Afterwards, I saw a message that states clearly that I should wait for about 24 hours. I did that and didn't bother checking my email inbox. Just a couple of hours ago, I checked my email and found a message from steemit, i opened it and found a link where i was able to regenerate another password.I was glad. I opened my steemit account and I could not find the little Steem I left there. Everything now reads zero but I am happy I have my account back and I am imagining how foolish the hacker or thief will see himself after reading this. He impersonated me and posted on my blog, he even commented on a lot of posts. I was disappointed. Steemians, never give anyone your password for fake promises of helping you to increase your steem power, never sign into your account on another person's pc,always use your personal Computer or mobile phone. Save your password where only you can have access to see it. Once again I am happy I was able to retrieve my account. I thought I'd lost it forever. Thanks for taking your time to read. Fellow steemians kindly upvote, resteem and comment. Thanks a million.

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Oh, my. What a horrible experience for you! I am glad you were able to get it back. From what I'm told, it is almost impossible to retrieve. I do hope to see some good stories from you in the future that are actually from you!

Congrats on your success!


Thanks a lot. I thought it was impossible too.

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welcome to steemit veekeeme. good luck and have a great prosperity

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