Spook Skulduggery: a History in Brief

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Some folks haven't lived through much history, and more yet have been unaware of much of it they did, distracted by flashing lights and shiny objects. Them as paid attention have one up on me, who has learned from this some things I missed.

If you starve when spoonfed, who can you blame?

The CIA, that's who. Kinda like Shane that way.

So, don't be ignorant of facts when they're projected on your retinae by helpful agents. Take facts into account when assessing situations, and considering options. If you don't, you can't even blame the agents, or Shane.

You do you. That's all you do after all.

IMG source - I cannot confirm or deny it was /pol/

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Thanks for the facts!
For those who are interested in the events surrounding these facts I just finished a book that will give you a more complete picture. It will also clue you in on the happenings in the past few decades of the new silk road that the west is not privy to as MSM does not allow real news any longer.

"The Silk Roads"