Did You Know Today News Of "Elon Musk Smoking Weed On Joe Rogan’s Podcast A BIG DEAL?"

in news •  3 months ago

Hello Steemin Guys ! Today news about Elon Musk smoked reeking green trees on the Joe Rogan podcast and it quickly became one of the biggest memes of the year. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was on The Joe Rogan Experience on Thursday night, and in the 2 ½ hour discussion, they touched on a range of issues, which all seemed to come back to y Elon Musk is such a doggone genius. He has been described as having a “never-ending explosion” of ideas. fancy flamethrowers and rocketships and superfast cars. Lots of people hae never-ending explosions of ideas fancy that. They’re called 8 year ol' yobs. He also said he’s close to developing a “neuralink” product that will connect y'r brain to y'r computer. So…that’s happening now. But the moment that really set the Internet abuzz is when Joe Rogan offered Musk a blunt to smoke during the livestream. On the surface, there’s really nuffink much exciting here. He’s a super rich bloke, on a podcast where other people r smoking pot, in a state where it’s legal to dae so. But summat about the way he stares at the blunt, then smokes it and then shrugs it orf 4 not affecting him immediately…really struck a chord online. Interpreting Musk’s post-toke thought process, writer Dave Itzkoff tweeted: “so the dogs of Paw Patrol, they can talk and drive cars and fly planes … but the cats … they’re just, fancy, cats …”, and goggle box writer Jess Dweck wrote: “Elon Musk is such an innovator he created a way to sken lame smoking a blunt.” Podcast Host Rob Rousseau tweeted: “Ok Elon, here’s our big moment. act fancy yeh ’ve been here before. just a regular bloke smoking weed with a mate. here we go”, and Musk himself seems to hae enjoyed the experience, tweeting “ mint times with Joe Rogan…I m a business magnet.” But, not everyone thinks it’s all fun and games. Primarily Tesla stockholders and financial analysts. The stock dropped 9 percent the forenoon after the interview, and this is all coming within a tough stretch 4 the automaker. A month ago Musk hinted he wanted to take the company private again, then later took it back.

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