STEEM HAS JUMPED OVER 100% IN VALUE to $1.85 USD? OOPs - NO, It's Just A Korean Exchange Thing!

in news •  3 months ago

This morning I woke up and explained to my friend here that I had dreamed that Steem was shooting up in value.. I have never had a dream like that before, so I was surprised.. I was even more surprised when I came back in from my walk just now to see that the price for Steem has jumped over 100% in the last few hours!

Tezos, Zilliqa, Steem and Ignis have all lept up close to 100% today - But it seems that this is only on Korea exchanges (thanks @pennsif for pointing that out!).

Right now, Steem is listed at $1.85USD on korean exchanges.. Up by roughly $1USD since I looked earlier today.. But the main global exchanges remain at sub $1USD.

steem jump.jpg

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Wierd stuff on certain Korean exchanges ?

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Oh yeah, good eye - strange stuff! :(

There is a mistake in the Coinmarketcap site image 1.PNG
There is no price such as $1.85 USD on any of the exchanges.


Ah yes, you are right - I would have thought that coinmarketcap would be more reliable than that - thanks for clarifying :(


CMC has excluded the Bithumb outlier price of $7.81, but accepted the Upbit (also in Korea) price of $2.65 - which because of the 18% volume share I am guessing is pulling the displayed price up to $1.83.


Although I see it is now pulling the other c $0.90 exchange prices up a bit - now up to $0.94 on Binance for example.

A trick of the light, or some dodgy market manip goings on?


I have no idea - but I definitely had a precognitive dream of this last night ;)


The only time I have ever seen exchanges go wild like this is when their wallets go offline, but still allow internal trading and the internal market becomes hyperactive.. I don't really understand all the details of it and whether or not it is reflective of dodginess on the part of the exchange operators.

More of these strange spikes:

Here is the chart updated by Coinmarketcap
image 2.PNG


Oh, is that the default view for you? Mine is still showing $1.67USD here.


Ah, it's updated for me too now.

Lol you almost made me jump out of bed in Jubilation. It will ultimately happen though

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I have never had a dream like that before, so I was suprised.
It should be surprised instead of suprised.

We’ll take that half billion market cap though (: unfortunately it looks like Steem hit the bottom

I was kinda shocked as well when I got to see the value in Steem amount but yeah hoping to see it in Intl value soon ;)

I think this is some mistake. I checked it out too for sbd on coinmarketApp.

I immediately just snooped at bittrex to confirm but it was not mirrored there the spiked price so I guess it was from Korea. @ura-soul but wow if steem just go over at least $3 then many people here would certainly be happier.