Give Your Passwords To Police/Gov Or Go to Jail! New Law in Australia Invites 1984 & Offers US a Convenient Way to Bypass Constitution.

in news •  6 months ago

Australian politics regularly reflects back the nations roots in exploitation and abuse of those deemed 'lower'. Now their government wants to go full '1984' and demand that you have literally no digital privacy!


This piece on msn explains how proposed legislation in Australia would make it a legal requirement to hand over all passwords to laptops, phones and other devices to police on demand - or face large fines or even prison time! Clearly this literally means that you have no privacy in Australia if it's alleged 'rulers' have their way.

Why would they do this? Is Australia facing existential threat? Well, no - but it sure does make building a business empire more simple when you can monitor the data and content of everyone's computers - regardless of their position in society.

Need insights into your competitor's business? Is your friend having a hard time understanding how to reverse engineer a product? Never fear, with your new handy, dandy ability to spy on everything, everwhere you, as politician, can just get your friends and cronies to grab the data for you when the people involved next go through a checkpoint.. Oh, did we mention the checkpoints? They'll be on every street corner soon!

Not only this, but tech companies face giant fines for not helping police enforce the rules and foreign countries can request the data themselves from Australian territory!

American government people - Looking for a trade partner to invest in? Looking for one that will bend it's rules and allow you to spy on everyone, everywhere? Need a place you can send your victims to have their data extracted without infringing on your constitution - never fear! Australia, you know, that place where we turned all the natives into alcoholics and.. no.. not America.. Australia! Well, we've got all your answers.. Give us your money and guns!

What the FUQ?

I highly suggest that anyone who is concerned by this take some time to watch this documentary into the nature of the Australian 'government' and how it is, in truth, actually a proxy organisation that has replaced the real government (on paper) behind the scenes:

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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This is such a dystopian law. I wonder who's lobbying for this bill.

Not through the Parliament yet; Needs to also get through Australian Upper House [Senate]. Government does not have majority there, hopefully it will be thrown out.

It is lamentable that 95% of OZ citizens have no understanding of how close they are to 1984. They already have vehicle number plate recognition for Police monitoring; Local Government are reticulating cameras everywhere and getting access to private vehicle ownership data.

Spy agencies already monitor ALL mobile [cell] and land line calls as well as email messages and IP addresses.

All the more reason for Monero, Verge, PIVIX etc.

Indeed, it is rush to dystopia. Hunger Games and Handmaids tale are just around the corner!

Australia began life as a British penal colony.....under military law.

What progress?


If they can't get to your privacy coin keys, they might just ban privacy coins altogether :(


The underlying programming within humans must be uncovered now and allowed to evolve without prejudice, judgement, denial and unlovingness. This is the only possible way to prevent these reflections of domination and fear based control that are so epidemic on Earth. <3

So, in the long run, they could make you give them your steemit password and get your funds. The only way around are privacy coins..

This world just gets more and more creepy really @ura-soul ! One must wonder where we will be in just months from now at this rate ! The gloves are well and truly off and we face the total disdain and wrath of the self appointed controllers of this world that clearly hate us all ! Beyond words really !


The best we can do is learn to go inwards, to find where we are ourselves being a dictator to our own selves - controlling our own will and emotions. The outer reflections on Earth of these inner distortions and unloving self denials are what we are facing ever more 'out there'. We only need to experiment with this idea by accepting feelings unconditionally and in the heart - to start to uncover the truth. <3

But in the meantime I won't be making any plans to go to Australia!


That sure is one amazing and wise reply you give to me there @ura-soul ! Thank you for this breath of fresh air ! Indeed its kind of where i am at right now as this is how i feel to and what i do ! Its singularly strange i have to say and your reply is truly a confirmation of what i do right now !


You are welcome! Sometimes we give ourselves what we need :)

that sucks, reverting to a prison colony.

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