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An indirect connection between Key and pizza exists via Cameron Slater. Matt Blomfield and Cameron Slater were involved in defamation proceedings relating Blomfield's management of Hell Pizza, and NZ elections were disrupted when Slater's hacked emails were made public, a a storyline with some similaraties to PizzaGate.

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I see. "Hell's Pizza" may be more appropriate than we thought then. I wonder if baby flesh gets added to Hell's smallgoods in the same way they were doing at Hampstead Primary School in London - with the children's bolognaise and shepherd's pie being served at lunch time after a ritual sacrifice of baby in the morning. That happened at least once a week... twice wouldn't be a stretch.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don't know of any case of Satanic Ritual Abuse in NZ.

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Lol !!!! Do you live in New Zealand? Do you know my family perhaps? If you're not in the circle, you're not in the circle. My sister did some frickin' horrific things to her son. By the time he was 16, he arrived on my sister's doorstep with a .22 and told her if she fucking came near him again, he'd fucking blow her away. My other sister's two children will never talk to her again. They were emotionally abused and neglected all of their lives. This is what this shit does... It completely tears people apart. FOR GENERATIONS !!! btw. Abusers don't advertise dude !!! My mother certainly never advertised she was getting her 11 year old daughter involved in doing seances where demonic entities got channelled through my sister's mouth (that's the one who fucked over her children emotionally). Fucking does your head in mate !! Yes. I was the 11 year old. What world are you living in dude? Lol !!!!

Sorry for the outburst. The ignorance makes me wanna laugh so hard that I end up crying...

And like I said to @jacobtothe yesterday - Why do you think the question marks are there? >> BREAKING STORY. We need to wait until more evidence is uncovered, just in case you misunderstood what that meant.

Thanks so much for the link as well. Many people forget to add links.

It's a pity the article didn't start with this quote ;) Rawshark: "This isn't just about party politics, he told Fairfax. "This is a network of politically connected individuals who launder political and media influence for money, power, and personal revenge. I hope it's clear now ... why I thought it was justified to expose them in the way that I did. The sacking of Judith Collins is a good start.''

Rawshark would be right at home with the crowd who are investigating PizzaGate, especially the pay-for play corruption of the Clinton Foundation.

You never know, he might be out there doing his thing...

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Yes. I live in NZ and was very aware of the "Dirty Politics" saga, swamp kauri and all... I saw no mention of Blomfield in this article. Do you think Hell's Pizza connection via Slater via Collins might go any deeper than "indirect". Could NZ be facing its own Second Act of #Pizzagate teasers and tittilators quite soon ?? !! I wonder what our young man up in Cook's Beach can find ;)

I'm not researched in this sorry saga. I was figuratively running around the deserts of Syria in June-September 2014, try to track down USA PMC connections to the outfit commonly known as "ISIS" (lots of connections) - as opposed to Al-dawlah al-Islamiya - which when translated is "The Islamic State" but which is and is not, mutually exclusive to the Westernised appellation, "ISIS". Confusing I know. It's all part of the #BabylonianMagicians' trick (ref: Babylonian Talmud).

Clue: The golden calf of the Sinai desert grew up to be a bronze bull that originally stood outside the New York Stock Exchange. The Babylonian Talmud openly declares non-Jews to be "goyim" - "cattle". So why would there not be a BULL outside the STOCK exchange? My father and I used to go to the cattle sale-yards all the time when I was a child, in the right season. But they used to sell yearling bulls and 3-year-old steers at those cattle sale-yards... not gamble on the lives of people = goyim = cattle in their fake numbers casino that only exists because everyone beLIEves it to be what they say it is. It's just another aspect of "the illusion" - all smoke and mirrors... Sad world. Fuct up actually !!

Blomfield sued Slater for defamation, and this was perceived to to be an attempt by Blomfield to learn who Slater's sources were. Lauda Finem reported that that District Court Judge Lawrence Hinton had sealed an affidavit from Karl Roe that described how he found child pornography on an the computer of Blomfield's alleged homosexual partner.

Ok. Thanks for that!