Scientists Develop "Plastic" from Algae That Can Suck Carbon Out of the Air

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Dutch designers Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros developed a bioplastic made from algae that can not only be used in 3D printers to make practically anything imaginable, but can also absorb carbon dioxide out of the air.


The scientists envision their algae polymer as a replacement to synthetic plastics made from fossil fuels. They are "providing every restaurant and catering establishment in their city of Zaandam with completely new sets of flatware made from the algae-plastic."

When their algae polymers turn to solids, they bind carbon from the air - "effectively becoming CO2 jailers that prevent the carbon from being released back into the atmosphere."

Everything that surrounds us – our products, houses and cars – can be a form of CO2 binding. If we think in these terms, makers can bring about a revolution. It’s about thinking beyond the carbon footprint: instead of zero emissions we need ‘negative’ emissions. ~ Designers Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros

Their studio has partnered with American Ecovative to develop DIY kit for consumers to "grow their own lamps, tables or biodegradable picnic items" from their commercial line of fungus-based products called Krown.

Further, they have established a network of partners to cook up a concept called 3D Bakery. They hope that instead of buying products from large multi-national companies, one could simply walk down the street and “bake” some replacement items, whether it be cups, plates, flower vases, or tables.


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