Adidas to Expand Production of Gear Made from Recycled Plastic

in news •  26 days ago

In 2018, Adidas manufactured 5 million pairs of shoes from "waste" plastic before it washed into the ocean.


The athletic gear company intends to manufacture 11 million pairs in 2019.

Through a partnership with ocean clean up crew Parley, Adidas has been incorporating recycled plastic beach trash into jerseys, workout gear, and shoes since 2015.

We also continue to improve our environmental performance during the manufacturing. This includes the use of sustainable materials, the reduction of CO2 emissions and waste prevention. In 2018 alone, we saved more than 40 tons of plastic waste in our offices, retail stores, warehouses and distribution centers worldwide and replaced it with more sustainable solutions. ~ Gil Steyaert, leader in global operations

Parley Ocean Plastic™ which is made from recycled waste, intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the ocean.


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