Program Aceh great budgeted in apba 2018

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Program Aceh great budgeted in apba 2018


Banda Aceh - budget Aceh (apba) 2018 has been approved for USD trillion. Composition of the budget consists of shopping directly by 72,57 percent or worth rp10.946.578.639.660, and shopping indirectly by for 27,43 percent or worth rp4.137.425.306.467.


Details of shopping indirect the divided, that is to shopping employees of 15,87 percent or worth USD 2.393.404.732.510 and ppka (for the results of the tax district / city, Bos, financial assistance district / city, scholarship orphan) for 11,56 percent or seniali USD 1.744.020.573.957.


With the passage of apba 2018, the governor Aceh irwandi Yusuf ordered immediately development activities to start the auction process all project, and signing immediate, "said the head of the Bureau of public relations and protocol Aceh government, mulyadi Nurdin.

Mulyadi Nurdin adding that in the implementation of all development project, the governor irwandi Yusuf reminded that embraces school "Hana fee" alias may not charge a fee any. Mulyadi Nurdin added, according hope Acehnese, governor began to realize the policies to "Aceh great" as set forth 15-program featured irwandi-Nova.

"Program Aceh great already included in the apba 2018, gradually all the program will be included in the apba each year," call mulyadi Nurdin. Here's a number of the program featured irwandi-Nova started realized using apba 2018. while the details related programs that there are on each unit device Aceh skpa. Here just called outline only.

  1. Aceh seujahtera (jka plus), (total budget USD. 892,260 ad) - development general hospital regional (4 units) - the construction of rehabilitation Center psychosocial and drug (1 unit) - health insurance Aceh (jka) - increase facilities / tools health.

  2. Aceh siat (total budget USD. 47,648 ad) - the application of ha-government - information technology development & communication - the provision of data and information

  3. Aceh carong (total budget USD. 1,816 T) - scholarship for orphans, poor and notice - strengthening dayah - development library - building school & infrastructure education

  4. Aceh energy (total budget USD. 64,268 ad) - the provision of the source electricity and development power plant micro hydrology (pltmh).

  5. Aceh meugoe & meulaot (total budget USD. 361,251 ad) - the development of fishing Port, infrastructure Port, and dock - modernization of agricultural technology and the plantation

  6. Aceh troe (total budget USD. 127,782 ad) - reduce the area of food insecurity - area development barns - bring the availability of food

  7. Aceh creative (total budget USD. 43,055 ad) - increase in vocational - development MSMEs - development centers of economics & creative industries.

Only this is what I can share, hopefully it can be of benefit to us all.





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