State Department was granted $120 Million to deal with Russian Meddling, $0 spent to date.

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Associated Press

There is no question at this point Russia successfully hacked and influenced the US election. What isn't as well known though is the State Department received $120 Million grant in 2016 to prevent this from happening. As of today, nothing was used from those funds.

Currently, 23 analysts are assigned to countering Russia's political influence campaigns in the United States, not one of them speak Russian. There is currently a hiring freeze preventing the group from getting require computer experts to accomplish the task.

It's scary and disturbing how involved Russia is with our current administration and how Russian involvement is pretty much ignored.

More detailed write up can be found on New York Times

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At this point, there is no question Russia successfully hacked and influenced the election? Really? According to whom? A "top" U.S. official, Nothing But Crap news, and the NY Times? You should of thrown in the CIA mouthpiece the Washington Post as well.
Don't buy the propaganda. After about a year and a half of this non-sense, the evidence of a 'hack' would be readily available for people to read and verify it was true. If anyone has that information, that would be you NSA, please pass it along. However there are retired intelligence officials, and whistle-blowers, that have explained how a hack would work and have refuted that claim and how there is no evidence it came from abroad. The actual evidence shows that it came from inside.
Some of you might want to watch this interview with Ray McGovern. The Putin thumb has nothing to do with it.

DO NOT EVER just take the narrative of officials claiming they know something happened, and keep repeating it until people believe its the truth without presenting unequivocal evidence, and they have NOT! Nothing good comes of it, just look at the wars in Vietnam and Iraq, which were based on outright lies or faulty intelligence. And when it comes to hacking and election meddling, well everyone is trying to hack everyone. That is nothing new and really isn't news at all. When it comes to meddling in foreign election where it affects the outcome, well the U.S. are the f%^king meddle masters! The Criminals In Action will even tell you that themselves as one does here on the CIA Angle. It's for democracy...of course! Cheers - the FunkyBunch

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

"Russian meddling" only exists in anti-Russian propaganda saturating American brains.

Ahhh. No. There is documented proof they have compromised our voting systems and heavily influenced voters.

Just like it was "documented" and these false documents were shown to fisa court, that Trump was meddling with Russians also. I call it a BS. If MSM says something, at lest 90% is not true. MSM is not reporting any more. They are in business or 'directing' their viewers.

There is actually one country, that is 'heavy influencing' elections almost all over the world. In the name of democracy of course. And spreading the love... I will let you figure out which one it is.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

"Documented proof" only exists in inflamed minds saturated with anti-Russian propaganda, just like "Russian meddling".
No "Documented proof" exists.
Many American brains have been "compromised" and "heavily influenced" by non-stop anti-Russian hysteria in msm propaganda machine.
All this while hypocrisy of pretending to be a victim of "meddling" by the world meddling champions escapes them.

@themarkymark Please supply the links to the "documented proof" available to the public where it shows how Russians have compromised the voting systems and how they were able to heavily influence voters. Government officials claiming there is proof and hiding behind the veil of "classified information, or national security" does NOT count! They could say that about anything. Since you claim there is documented proof, please supply it, because I am unaware of it. It looks bad when you come back and say there is documented proof, and don't supply any links to the proof you claim is out there.


That's terrible.
And how many State Department analysts know and speak Hebrew or Arabic?
Talk about foreign governments influencing US elections, why never!

23 analysts are assigned to countering Russia's political influence campaigns in the United States, not one of them speak Russian

Why won't they hire me, I speak Russian well, haha

I see Political policy is complexive everywhere. Involving Russia is it difficult!

to bad every government agency can't be that efficient. lol

Trump will protect Russia. All those who claims Russia's hacks... won't find nothing against him.

What a shocking news!
This is what happens if the human eye is blinded by politics. For whatever they will do in order to gain a seat of office and power for him. They never realized that people wanted everything that happened in government politics to be transparent.

If you see the news that you serve, then it would not be wrong to say that politics is cruel.

US soon will become US allied and that's great. We live in peace and harmony. Perhaps no war.

woah! How bad is it that elections can be hacked now?!! very shocking article thanks heaps for the info!!

There’s nothing like Russia meddling at all.