Intelligence Contractor: CIA Director Says World War 3 Begins in '12 Weeks'

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The current tensions and saber rattling with North Korea could be coming to a head—which would inevitably kick off world war III—by as early as March 20, 2018, according to intelligence insider, James Rickards.

Rickards, who has worked closely with U.S. intelligence agencies over the last two decades, was once asked to simulate asymmetric economic attacks on the U.S. financial system and is an expert at escalation scenarios and end games. Rickards notes that we should expect this war in the next 12 weeks, because "the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency told me," writes Rickards.

The most important financial or geopolitical issue in the world today is a coming war between the U.S. and North Korea, probably in the next twelve weeks.


How can I be so sure about the timing? The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency told me.


In a private conclave in Washington DC on October 20, 2017, CIA Director Mike Pompeo told a small think tank group (including me) that it would be imprudent to assume it would take North Korea more than ‘five months’ to have a reliable arsenal of nuclear-armed ICBM missiles. These could strike U.S. cities and kill millions of Americans.


Five months from October 20, 2017 is March 20, 2018. That’s an outside date but the war will likely begin before then.

While Rickards claims could be dismissed as hearsay, they are backed up by recent public admissions from top generals.

Just last week, Marine Corps commandant Gen. Robert Neller warned US troops stationed in Norway that a war is coming.

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Neller told them. “You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”

It's not only US military officials echoing these ominous predictions of war either. Chinese General Wang Gongguang also said that war will be likely before March.

“The war on the Korean Peninsula might break out anytime between now and March next year,” Wang told the Global Times, adding that “China should be psychologically prepared for a potential Korean war, and the Northeast China regions should be mobilized for that.”

As TFTP reported earlier this month, revealing the extreme direness of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, a state-run Chinese media outlet based in a province bordering North Korea and Russia -- the Jilin Daily -- published a “common sense” guide for surviving a nuclear war.

China is not the only state in Southeast Asia to issue guidelines for surviving a nuclear attack, as both Japan and South Korea have carried out emergency exercises and issued similar guidelines.

Make no mistake, a preemptive strike on North Korea will set off a global chain of events propelling the world's superpowers into world war. The Chinese government has previously said that they reject military intervention, but in the event that the U.S. launches a preemptive strike on North Korea – the Chinese military WILL intervene in defense of the North.

Sadly, this entire scenario has been escalated to this point by those who claim to want peace.

For decades, the insane dictatorship that is North Korea has been making hollow threats — none of which they have ever carried out since the Korean war. Since the Korean War, North and South Korea have engaged in incursions and sabotage within each other's respective countries, but North Korea has never attacked anyone else since.

As Ron Paul pointed out, the fact that North Korea is not an actual threat to the US is of no interest to those buying into the fear mongering war propaganda. Even the non-interventionists who supported Trump are buying into the sheer apocalyptic lunacy that would be a war with North Korea.

"The propagandists are winning," said Paul. Indeed they are and now, we have evidence that their warmongering insanity could have dire repercussions for the entire planet.

Until these hard truths are faced by the citizens of this country, we will continue to aggressively antagonize and provoke other countries like North Korea until one of these psychopaths — with their finger on the 'red button' — kicks off a global nuclear holocaust.

Being antiwar is not some cowardly stance by peaceniks and hippies, it is the only way to ensure humanity's future on this planet.

Peace is not only the goal, but it is the only effective path by which that goal is reached.

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I'm not totally convinced that this would be a World war, in that I'm not sure that China would intervene, especially if NK strike first.

Nobody wants a world war, for the global financial turmoil that it would bring.

Might be good for crypto though

Peace is not only the goal, but it is the only effective path by which that goal is reached.

Yes, war never creates peace. And attacking North Korea is pretty much just stupid. Kim just wants acknowledgement that he is a world power. He knows that if he ever uses anything that his country will be flattened.

We, in The USSA are being scare mongered. We think that it is ok to think about a pre-emptive strike. To save us from losing 10,000 people.

We stand on the 2nd amendment, but want to disarm all the other people. We really need to stand tall and know we are not the only people on the planet. We just have to take our fear, and suck it up.

If we do anything else, The USSA will be shown to no longer be on top as the world super power. We will lose, even if we win.

There is no place of War in World. Be humble and peaceful.

War is profitable even if it is detrimental to the environment . the american gov knows this and needs to projectstrength so other nations will buy our weapon accept our military aid and accept the always lessening in worth dollar. what better way to re-validate the thing that backs fiat currency than by kicking some ass abroad? we all know the dollar hasnt failed because the us military is out there to enforce Americas word/ will

12 weeks is too late...

I have covered this in many films. The North Korean Military consists of a massive number of tracked vehicles. These vehicles will get bogged down in the marshes and rice paddies that are all over the Southern part of the Korean Peninsula. It would be suicide for the North to invade at ANY TIME OF YEAR OTHER THAN WINTER. Go read through the history of wars on that peninsula and you will see this common thread.

North Korea has about 1 month max to start an invasion of the South, or they will be waiting till next December.


the problem is if they can build dirty bombs , this can be catastrophic cause of the damage they can cause and proximity to Seoul


there is no precedent to show that north korea would use such tactics on the south. Most of their military power is designed to be a deterrent from other powers who seek to meddle in their affairs.

Kim has an agenda and he knows he cant stand the mighty U.S. but he knows how to raffle some fathers and trump has some big feathers that can be easily rattled, if we go to war nobody wins except the rich and the weapons manufacturers and the 3 biggest are U.S. Russia and china.

Ugh... More war that only benefits "elite" psychopaths and damages humanity.

Crazy how 10 yr cycle of war is now a norm. Cyber space has its share of conflicts.