Steemit Weekly - First Edition 08-06-2018

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Steemit's Weekly Scoop


Flag Wars 2.0 - The Return of The Bots

Steer clear from Steemit's battle field.

The flag war resumed end of July and soldier bots were launched to counter. Casualties reported reputation plummeting to the negatives (-11).

@SadKitten vowed to counter 85% of @Haejin's self-votes for one week.

For more scoop, check @fulltimegeek and @moeknows updates.


Stimialiti Triggered by Bernie's Love of Fish

Fish is a sea creature enjoyed by most people, a staple for most islanders.

For a healthy option, you can STEEM it and share with your loved ones.

On the other hand, @Stimialiti was caught fishing around and a dolphin is now on it's tail.

The dolphin answers:

You don't like fish. You don't like when I tell you I'm going for a walk. What DO you like?


Adsactly Accused of Scheming 3.8M USD - Denies Allegations

Last week, the trending shot @SteemPipe's post to the top.

@ADSactly's founder is allegedly accused of scheming ADSactly's investors of 545 BTC. That's a whopping 3,800,000 USD based on today's bitcoin price.

The alleged replied to SteemPipe and denies all accusations.

SteemPipe's account dates back to August 2016 with @Fyrstikken series of upvotes on June 2017. The profile reveals location as Italy while Google Image Search returns LawLogix based in Phoniex, AZ.


Witness Face Off - Bernie-Fyrstikken Love/Hate

What witnesses are you voting for?

  1. Who Bernie wants you to vote for
  2. Undisclosed haters of Fyrstikken

A little history on Bernie and Fyrstikken love/hate relationship. It's a year old but it's classic.


TheMarkyMark Wants Your Quality Posts

@TheMarkyMark talks about what really happened in his 4.5 hours DLive curation event.


Why Aren't Top Witnesses All Running Full Nodes



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Excellent Initiative @lovenfreedom, @iamstan, @enforcer48!!! I really liked this first edition of @steemitweekly's weekly steemit digest. It helps to understand a lot of stuff that currently going on here on steemit. And reveals many aspects of well-known members of community relations. Great Job My Friends. Will follow it for sure!

Fuck the wars are back :(


Yes, regretfully.

Babe, no. Thanks for the effort here but this war did not start at the end of July. It's been rippin' and roarin' for a longlong time. Just sayin...

You gonna eat that steak? If not, can I please have it for my eye?

p.s. I can't feel my toes.


Nice editing... good work. Can I please still have the steak for my eye and would you also be so kind as to pop it back into the socket for me?


Yeah.. They don't call me Allseeing for nuthun.

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Well done! I love you way, your post like a newspaper
Looking foward for a new edition...
Good Luck!


We will do this approximately every week!

Some interesting topics there.. The flag war is definitely something to keep an eye on. Thanks for sharing! Glad to be updated on it. I'm looking forward to more of these in the future! Great idea.


We will do our best to keep you in the loop about notable drama on the blockchain!

We needed a rag mag for steemit, after all where else can minds on steem go enquiring about the strange, the strange true, the believable, the unbelievable. Where is the story of the woman who confessed to stealing the DNA and both dan and ned , and then giving birth to the combo child of their DNA? I believe she named it danned. Because she had a hard time pronouncing neddan.