Iran, not a dollar, will deal in euro Pictures online

in news •  8 months ago

Iran will now build their foreign exchange reserves in Europe instead of dollars. On Wednesday, the state media said in a report that the Iranian government has taken the initiative to spend dollars in reliance on Tehran and Washington in relation to political unrest.

As a result of the new announcement, the governmental organizations as well as other related organizations will be encouraged to use the euro instead of the dollar.
Iran's central bank governor, Waheelullah Saif, said last week that the highest leader of the country was welcomed to receive his euro in exchange for the dollar in exchange for the foreign exchange, the highest leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He said, now there is no dollar in our transactions.

Iran has been trying to get out of the dollar for a few years. Although most of the country's international transactions are still in the dollar. And ordinary Iranians use dollars in their travel and storage.

Since the United States President Donald Trump has come to power, there has been a renewed political tension with Iran. He will come out of the nuclear deal that has plagued the Trump of World Communications with Iran in 2015.

Banking transactions in the US are harder for Iran, because US banks are not interested in trading with Tehran due to legal risks.

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