Wow! record penalty against google 2.420.000.000 € (2,42 billion€)

in #news3 years ago (edited)

The accusation against Google► Discrimination against competitors!
Whoever is looking something up in the Internet will do it with google. Google is part of the everyday life and abused their influence, so the EU-Commission.


Google has a monopoly as a search engine operater and used it to rank their own products before the competition. This is the biggest penalty at all. Before that it was "Intel" with 1.06 Billion Euro penalty.

The trial started 2010. Google answered, the search results would ease the customer search in terms of results ,contacts and merchants.

So how will google react in this showdown?


Google disagree with the sentence, they will probably appeal against the EU Commission's decision and continue to plead their case. I doubt they will pay

They might even sue the European Union. Its going to be interesting

It is not the only case)

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