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99% of people will lose over a half of a million dollars a decade on just this one mistake. Think about that cost. That exceeds the cost of a cool Tesla Roadster. That's more than two McMansions in the United States in most places. That's more money to travel the world than most people will spend their entire life!

Most people will think that they are the exception to this as well, even though they aren't. You're probably no different.

What is this mistake?

Over a decade ago, a friend of mine used collected data to conclude something that cost her thousands of hours per year. If we assume that she made the median individual income of $35 an hour, she was losing over $35,000 a year. After a decade, she had lost over a million dollars, when you consider how her time and money could have been used for other productive means. Wrong assumptions cost. Most people will never know how much their poor assumptions cost.

It's always fun to review statistics! Some great videos where we dig into the basics of statistics.

By contrast, I saw an almost mirrored situation with another friend. But made one decision that differed. Before executing with poor data, he consulted with others about alternative views. This didn't mean he wanted to hear these views, but he considered their truth. Following the counsel, he stopped wasting hours of his life on the wrong data he had.

I say often that no data will always be better than bad data. In addition, looking at alternative views is a great way to ensure that you're not paying for bad data. Nonetheless, 99% of people will never do this. People inherently do not want to save time or money getting accountability.

Check out the highest-rated Automating ETL course on Udemy, if you're interested in data. From some of the reviews:

Many "data promises" from various industries will fail (and have failed). About a decade ago, one American data scientist promised me that within a few years we'd have the cure for cancer, as data was making things possible in health care that were never possible before that time. Those years have passed and no cure for cancer has been found. In addition, the United States has now seen three consecutive years of declining life expectancies. Why did someone with so much data fail to see the future? Why were her predictions incorrect? What other findings did she have?

This post was sponsored by Maixin Research - a firm that specializes in contrarian research. They are featuring a contrarian in-focus opportunity for 2019 for private clients worldwide. Image from Pixabay.

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But a Canadian named Rick Simpson found a cure for cancer! 60 grams of cannabis indica extract taken over two months cures many cancers. Spanish scientists also found it kills cancer cells.

This brings about the question that data said it was going to happen, it did, but nobody knows about it. Data can do nothing against the power structure of the pharmaceutical military industrial complex that doesn't want homegrown medicine to become a reality. The only thing data can do is to make people aware enough to ask why the data doesn't jive with the MSM fed reality. This questioning will help to make positive changes in our way thinking.

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