Weakness may invite atomic problems on the USA!

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With stupid being the most prominent policy coming from DC, with weakness a close second; prepping has become more difficult! Today, unlike two years ago, the possibility of the use of atomic weapons is starting to be a possibility. So it is prudent to prepare for that outcome.

Some preppers have added the unthinkable to their list of prepping needs, and have included items to deal with nuclear fallout. I have realized that there is also a more mundane reason that having protection should be considered!

Sadly, Cyber attacks on control systems in existing reactors, make this radiation protection more likely in today's environment. With our weak leadership, such a cyber attack could be done from a relatively safe position! Since our written policy is to respond the a WMD attack using atomic weapons, when we were attacked with a WMD in the form of a bio-weapon; there was Zero response. So attacks are free for the taking, with not even basic sanctions in response, let alone armed response!

In this environment, it falls upon us to protect ourselves; as our government has failed to defend us.


One of the basic preps for fallout of any type, is taking iodine to protect our thyroid glands. If they are saturated with safe iodine, the radioactive iodine can't be absorbed; and will pass out of the system quickly.

Knowing this, I bought some a long while ago. No I don't have a tinfoil hat, I just like toys; and needed a Geiger counter to ID a gemstone I have. It did, in fact, show a low level of radiation as it was supposed to!

With the facts today, I decided to purchase more; to cover a developing survival group. To my disgust, I found it had gone from $12 to $69 for 12 pills! Not acceptable, so I began researching closer.

This is what I found:
This is considered a super food, and has more iodine that the expensive option. I bought 400 pills for $14, and they have extra nutrients included.

I am not recommending this specific vendor or brand, as there are many sources for this supplement. So find what is local to you, but this is a solid replacement for the straight iodine!

I would also recommend a radiation meter of some type. I have several, because I like toys, and if you have one, you have none....

A dosimeter is inexpensive, and let's you keep track of exposures. The RBC suit is wise, but hopefully I like this is all just for fun! Keep track of nuke power plants, and stay inside of the wind shifts your direction from one damaged.

Until we have less stupidity from DC, we will need to care for ourselves! I hope this gives you some ideas that will help in that accord.


I put this in porridge / green porridge sometimes :)

I haven't tried this in cooking as a spice. Sounds interesting.

What do you make green porridge from? That's a new one on me.

Be safe!


Just oats, oat milk and a little spirilina

Cool, I'll be using oat milk this AM myself! The spirulina is an impressive super food, enjoy....


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