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Follow My Vote is a blockchain voting company. To date we have built a stake weighted voting system for the BitShares blockchain. 

I am one of three Co-founders. Adam Ernest @onelove is CEO & Co-founder, and Nathan Hourt @modprobe is our CTO & Co-founder.

As Marketing Manager, it excites me when we get featured on a new website. currently gets over 10 million views a month. That is a lot of traffic and exposure. 

We can now add Nasdaq to our list of features on the company, which includes Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Discovery Channel to name a few.

Bitcoin Magazine is actually a contributor on and is responsible for the article: 

 The blockchain is also being leveraged by startups that aim to improve the democratic process of regional and national elections. Election fraud is a common occurrence in developing countries, but as we have witnessed in the latest U.S. presidential elections, even the most developed countries can struggle to deliver a fair and democratic election process.
Voter registration and vote counting are two areas in which the distributed ledger technology can provide solutions. The blockchain can be used to digitally record all eligible voters and can be used to publicly record every single vote during elections. A startup that is tackling this area is Virginia-based Follow My Vote. Follow My Vote has developed an open-source digital voting platform for governments built on top of the distributed ledger technology with the aim to make elections more transparent and democratic.

The article is titled "Four Ways the Blockchain Will Make the World a Better Place". 

It goes on to mention the following blockchain related companies:

AID:Tech, which is working on digital identities for refugees.

Bitland & ChromaWay are separate companies both working on recording land ownership.

And BitGive tracks financial donations with blockchain tech.

Follow My Vote 

While our website pitches our voting software to governments, we are not actively working with any governments to provide voting services at this time. 

Since our completion of the stake weighted voting software for BitShares, we are open to new contracts and business relationships.  We build open source end-to-end verifiable blockchain voting software.

More on Follow My Vote:

On Steemit: @followmyvote

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