Press Release / TRA Conference / April 17th, 2018 / Vienna, Austria

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Silk Road 4.0 - Technology meets Adventure

In May 2018 the adventure of Silk Road 4.0 begins. Equipped with the motorcycle Honda "Africa Twin" and numerous new gadgets, the explorer Philipe Reinisch will make his journey across the Silk Road to the pole of inaccessibility with the intention to build a network for travelers of the future, lasting six months.

“The key to the digital future is networking. Industries merge, entire value creation chains are linked digitally, devices exchange user data and the world moves closer together.” Testimonial by DDr. Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha - Managing Director Austrian Standards.

Along the way, technology experts will be interviewed to give exciting insights into topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cryptocurrencies and digital data visualizations. Arriving in Chengdu / China, Philipe will present his findings at the EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair.

The goal of Silkroad 4.0 is to establish a consortium for the "Future of Travel" that, after Philipe's journey ends, will enable other explorers to find infrastructure where no one else expects it.

"We want to combine our passion for adventure travel and new technologies with Silkroad 4.0. The consortium aims to scout technologies of the future that make traveling easier and more convenient, more tangible and closer to people.“ said Philipe Reinisch, showcase ambassador of the TRA2018 and founder of the Silk Road 4.0 Initiative.

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Press contact:

Christoph Mann @manncpt
Tel.: +436801480820

More information:

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Nice work! I am glad to support this immersive travel adventure! =)


We are honoured to know you on our side! :)

Nice article! We hope you will like the covers and posters ideas we are doing for the @silkroad40 project!


We are looking forward to the covers you make! :)

Nice @innovations, upvoted and resteemed!

Nice work guys!


Thanks mate! :)

I ll be very interessted to read about the tec thats being used, interessting.


Thank you for your interest and support! :)

We are looking forward to your report of the TRA conference and Gala Dinner at the city hall tonight! :)


We will try to have fun and share the smile with you! =D


Looks like you had fun yesterday. :)

You got a 100.00% upvote from @minnowfairy!

This is the Press Release of @silkroad40. Today in the early morning @preinisch hold the press conference at the TRA Conference. @jnmarteau made some pictures. Stay tuned ... ;)


I'll publish them tomorrow morning and give you some for your report too! =)

Everyone who is interested to publish about the @silkroad40 project can ask me anytime and I'll try to share some exclusive content for your articles! I also set up a new discord server for the "com-lab" where we will coordinate the communication with those who are motivated to learn and earn together!


Great work guys! :)