Again and Again, Or Should I Say Continually Hillary Crime Ignored By Media

in news •  10 months ago

I watched this Hannity interview in which a considerable time was spent outlining Hillary Clinton's crimes that continue to not be investigated, and at the end of the interview Rudy Giuliani discusses the payment to Stormy Daniels. And all day long, on the radio, various stations, all having lengthy discussions and news reports about the Stormy Daniels payment and when President Trump knew about it. Why, of why, can't they give that kind of attention to Hillary Clintons's criminal activities?

As far as President Trump is concerned and Stormy Daniels, who knows. Maybe it is true, maybe accusations are false. Whichever they are, it is a personal matter between President Trump and his wife, Melania. It is not a matter of national security and justice for the FBI, but Hillary Clinton's crimes clearly are.

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Thank you.

Upvoted. Yes, agreed, this is a distraction as 5G is worse than microwaves, phones are killing us, GMO is giving us cancer, many things are killing us, Soros is killing us, many things, many people, are running around doing big crimes, and we got to get work done, arrest people, do military tribunals, serve justice to the swamp, educate people more. Fox News is main stream media, minus Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and maybe a few others, part of the time, but even they can be soft on what truly matters most.