Syrian Witnesses Testify at OPCW Briefing in the Hague -No Chemical Weapon Attack in Douma- White Helmets Fabrication

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Today the OPCW held a Russian-organized briefing in The Hague with Syrian witnesses of the alleged Douma "chemical attack".

"Syrian and Russian missions to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)  brought 17 eyewitnesses to the OPCW HQ in The Hague to prove that the alleged chemical attack in Douma city is a fabricated play." SANA

"Witnesses of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, including 11-year-old Hassan Diab and hospital staff, told reporters at The Hague that the White Helmets video used as a pretext for a US-led strike on Syria was, in fact, staged." RT 

No attack, no victims, no chem weapons: Douma witnesses speak at OPCW briefing at The Hague (VIDEO)

It was stated that the doctors in the Douma hospital did not witness any patients with chemical weapons poisoning. Men rushed in screaming about chemical weapons and caused a big stir. They took advantage of a situation where patients were suffering from hypoxia or asphyxiation and tried to manipulate it into looking like a chemical weapon attack had taken place. The little boy that was shown in the White Helmets video was unnecessarily doused with cold water. One of the eyewitnesses testified that he noticed three individuals filming the chaos that was created on their cellphones.

The Syrian Special Envoy Ghassan Obaid mentioned that they found a chemical weapons lab in Douma that had been in the care of the terrorist factions. It was found after they left. In it were chemicals from Germany as well as the UK and of particular interest were the chemical weapons from a SALISBURY lab. He stated that there are many surprises that will be revealed.

Unfortunately, even given all of the testimony, facts, and information that was presented today Western media outlets aren't interested in hearing the truth. During the Q/A you could tell that they weren't listening to understand during the conference, but rather looking to discredit the truth. 

Many western mainstream media outlets will continue to repeat their lies and read from the same carefully written scripts they are handed. They have been fully exposed but won't admit it. That's why its important for us to spread the truth that they are desperately trying to hide.

Photo Credits: Primary photo, Photo of Hassan Diab, Photo of Ghassan Obaid

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During the Pentagon press briefing on the Apr 14th missile strike, at least two reporters asked about the evidence of chemical attack in the Douma incident (see 28:55 and 34:28 of the linked video). Of course, the briefers had none to give, probably because none exists. But, it was good to see that the reporters were not blindly accepting the one-sided propaganda put out by US briefers.

Keep telling the truth. People can only hear it if others tell it. You are making changes in the world, one truth at a time.



Thank you! I greatly appreciate your encouraging words.

I wish you had put informationwar as a tag on this post, it would have got some up-vote attention then, that it really does deserve.


Thank you for the tip! I'll remember that next time.

I don't know who is doing what as I am not aware of the ground situation but one thing I definitely know is that the war is killing innocents.


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Thank you so much for reporting the truth about Syria on the blockchain @sarahabed! I appreciate you so much. Resteeming!


I found this post due to you resteeming, so thank you also. :-)


Thank you lyndsay! I greatly appreciate your encouraging words and resteem!