BNN Finds Panthylon Cafeine Deadly Side Effects in the Case of Bandar Shabu Ibrahim Hasan

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Hello everyone, steemit lovers all over the world while the National Narcotics Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BNN-R) continues to explore the Case of meth that involves Ibrahim Hasan.

According to the Deputy of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) RI Inspector General Arman Dapari, Thursday (6/9/2018) said in the latest Update on narcotics criminal cases involving suspect Ibrahim Hasan, the BNN secured the Evidence of Drugs (BB) Narcotics type 105 Kg Shabu and 30,000 Ecstasy grains with a blue Crown or Crowm logo.

Further explained, "after examination at the National Laboratory of National Narcotics Agency (BNN) from the examination of Shabu samples, it is known that 1 pack weighing 1 kg is found in Shabu Blue Eyes with Purity content approaching 100% aka Kwalitss very good Kw1," he explained.



Examination of pill samples suspected of Ecstasy showed that 30,000 items confiscated were new types of Narcotics containing Panthylon mixed with Cafeine of this type, which was first discovered in Indonesia, "he explained.

According to the Literature and Laboratory experience, the two findings from the above examination, both Shabu and Ecstasy are types that are stronger and better for users or users.



But Shabu and Ecstasy have side effects of Paranoid Agitation Midriasis Insomnia until death.

"The main case regarding Narcotics and TPPU investigations is still being developed so far," he concluded.

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