Unpayable U.S. National Debt: Potential loss of American property?

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"If you were to add the debt held by Social Security and all the retirement and pension funds, almost half of the U.S. Treasury debt is held in trust for retirement. Current and future retirees would be hurt the most if the U.S. ever defaulted on its debt."

"The U.S. national debt is the sum of public debt that is held by other countries, the Federal Reserve, mutual funds, and other entities and individuals, as well as intragovernmental holdings held by Social Security, Military Retirement Fund, Medicare, and other retirement funds.

Many people believe that much of the U.S. national debt is owed to foreign countries like China and Japan, but the truth is that most of it is owed to Social Security and pension funds right here in the U.S. This means that U.S. citizens own most of the national debt."

"In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal
United States corporation all the credit "money substitute" it needed.
Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to
assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of
the loan. Since the federal United States didn't have any assets, they
assigned the private property of their "economic slaves", the U.S.
citizens as collateral
against the unpayable federal debt. They also
pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks
forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as
against the federal debt. All has already been transferred
as payment to the international bankers."

"You'll hear how the US Government has tendered to China, an option to exercise the power of Eminent Domain, to take US properties if the government defaults on its debts!"

"There was, in fact, a "criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice, disfranchise citizens and liquidate the Constitutional Republic of these United States.""

"The Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., was entered into bankruptcy by its owner, Pope Francis, September 24, 2015. It was a Chapter 7 Liquidation."

"On Nov. 2 2020 the Bankruptcy of US Inc. had been completed."

"President Trump won’t get a 2nd Term under US Inc. because the corporation was officially bankrupt on 2 Nov. 2020 and Trump had dismantled the Banking Act of 1871 from England.

The new Republic with the Constitution fully intact with a start date of March 4th - the original start date of a US President from 1776 until it was changed in 1933 under FDR."

"And in case of the USA, the US went bankrupt in 1933, so the United States and its citizens would be the bankruptees (debtors), i.e. the original legal/lawful owners, while the Federal Reserve system is the CREDITOR, who is the BENEFICIAL title holder, while the Article 1 courts are the TRUSTEES who administer the trust for the benefit of the beneficiary (FedRes).

And of course the US and its citizens can COLLAPSE the trust, by PAYING OFF the $20 trillion federal/national debt, and so regain the legal/lawful/allodial title to their property."

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