The biggest save nature rally in the history of israel.

in news •  3 months ago

About 20,000 people joined the rally this Saturday.

And created the biggest , we need to save nature rally ever .

It was 0only the beginning , mankind is uniting to change our reality.

The guardians of the house.

They call themself.

This is only the beginning .

We say out loud no to the gas rig 10 km to the Israeli cost.

Take it 120 km to the middle of the sea .

Don't ruin our beaches .


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Es triste como los gobiernos se les importa el clamor de un pueblos contar ellos llenarse de dinero amigo @saarinout . Esa planta gasifera lo que va a generar es contaminación en sus costas marinas amigo . Les deseo suerte y que logren a que los escuchen y no la hagan cerca de las costas .

Congrats people! Happy to see that in the Holy land!

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