Resurrecting The Legendary Nokia 3310

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Before high-speed mobile internet and smartphones, the era of Nokia ruled the cell phone market. 10-15 years ago these phones were favored for lasting in very harsh conditions and having a long battery life. In 2000 Nokia 3310 hit the market, featuring an 84x84 monochrome screen, a calculator, stop watch, reminder function and Snake II.
The company that manufactures the devices, HMD Global, announced the revival of the 3310 series. For today's standards, these features are very basic, and bring the question are these cell phones​ relevant​ in 2017? Nokia relies​​ on a fine balance between​ nostalgia, size, and capability.

I think I'll give it a go. Currently, I use a cheap Nokia C1 just for phone calls and it surpasses​ any smartphone in terms​ of durability and battery life.


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What better way to spend money.

thats what i want, i hate smart fones! they are just smart cuz they make the fone provider company money. I want a dumb fone again!