What's So Scary About an Idea?

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By Harley Schlanger


We've seen a push this week in the United States for tech giants to censor what a failing bankster-dominated Establishment deems 'fake news' aka the alternative media. To support this agitprop, the legacy media is touting claims from Facebook that pro-Kremlin Russian entities purchased $100,000 in ads that were seen by millions of Americans during the 2016 campaign, while downplaying the social media surveillance system's recent history of deception and falsifying the extent of its ads reach.

Across the Atlantic, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has been criticized this week by Der Spiegel and other pro-EU/NATO media outlets for giving an interview to 'Russian propaganda mouthpiece' RT. In that interview Gabriel welcomed President Vladimir Putin's proposal for United Nations peacekeepers in the war-torn Donbass. Unfortunately, this problem is not confined solely to establishment media, but also to leftist sites as well. In the following post, LaRouchePAC.com describes how an interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche advocating for the One Belt One Road mega-project as a pathway to world peace was posted -- and then yanked -- from the Berlin-based Junge Welt newspaper. -- JWS


This article originally appeared at LaRouchePAC.com on Tuesday, September 13, 2017. It is republished at RogueMoney courtesy of our friend and frequent RM Radio guest Harley Schlanger. --JWS

"We want a new paradigm in politics—away from geopolitics, to the common aims of mankind," Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated in an interview published by Germany's Junge Welt in its Sept. 13 edition. "We believe that a continuation of geopolitics holds the danger of confrontation with Russia and China. That is one of the reasons we support the initiative of Xi Jinping to create a New Silk Road on the basis of win-win cooperation among all the nations of the world."

Zepp-LaRouche added that "the vision of the New Silk Road was an idea of ours," and its full implementation will finally put an end to "the consequences of colonialism and the IMF credit conditionalities that followed it. Only development of infrastructure creates the preconditions for a real development of the entire continent" of Africa, and of the world.

What's so scary about an idea, you might ask, that it would cause such a pathetic, ham-fisted display of censorship?

Start with the fact that the entire trans-Atlantic financial system is dangling by the thinnest of threads, and could plunge into chaos at any moment. In fact, even the ultra-liberal Adam Smith Institute of Great Britain had to admit in a report published today, that the global financial system is an "accident waiting to happen," and that the so-called stress tests of the banks are a fraud which are covering up the fact that the banks today are leveraged far more than they were a decade ago, right before the 2007-2008 blowout.

The British Empire decidedly does not want the New Silk Road idea on the table as an alternative, as their financial system goes down in flames.

Then, if you are London, you definitely have to worry about what President Trump might do on his upcoming November trip to Asia, where he is scheduled to meet with China's President Xi Jinping, and will come in personal contact with other world leaders—including Russia's Vladimir Putin—at the ASEAN and APEC summit meetings. All of London's efforts to tar and feather Trump have failed so far: as Politico noted in an article headlined "Teflon Donald Trump," "Democrats have attacked the president every which way, but polling and focus groups show none of it's working." It seems normal Americans are not as stupid as the British would like, and still want skilled jobs, serious investment in infrastructure, and cooperation with other nations to achieve those results—policies which Trump promised voters, but has yet to deliver on.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized in discussions with colleagues yesterday (see the German language video linked above), what the British, Wall Street, and the European Union are offering people on both sides of the Atlantic, is only to stick to the existing rules and standards of the financial system, but that is "all built on sand." It amounts to nothing more than keeping the speculative bubble intact, and to ensure there is no cooperation with China's Belt and Road Initiative. But with every day that passes, that New Silk Road and its win-win approach to global relations, and the prospect of real investment in great infrastructure projects, becomes more and more attractive.

And that is an idea that the British fear—and with good reason. As Lyndon LaRouche famously said in a speech in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2002: "Why can't we change the rules? Aren't we human beings?.... Are man and woman not made equally in the image of the Creator of the Universe, and endowed with these powers? Do not we have the authority, above anything on this planet, to change the rules? We have the power. That's what sovereignty means. Sovereignty means the power to make the rules by means of which we can survive."

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