Buddhists Nationalists Attack Rothingya Muslims in Myanmar, Burn Hundreds Of Their Homes, Take Women And Rape Them, And Slaughter People By Beheading Them And Cutting Them To Pieces

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This article by Shoebat is about Buddhists Nationalists in Myanmar murdered over 400 Rohingya Muslims. "According to reports, people have been decapitated, cut to pieces, raped, and hundreds of homes have been burned down."

The Nationalists are no better than the Muslims who commit the same evils and lead to the same eternal end. Nationalism/ #NationalSocialism is worshiping race as a religion, they support genocide on those deemed inferior, expect persecution, and promote paganism.

Joining any of these political groups whether it's Communism or Nationalism, both are two sides of the same coin are Evil and lead to the same eternal end, promoting paganism is the AntiChrist religion. They mix truth with lies and will do anything to promote for their personal gain, power, wealth, expect to be persecuted, etc. They want to be the next establishment through Hegelian Dialectic, problem, reaction, and solution. Once they are in power, it's tyrannical dictatorship just as it was during WWII.

Shoebat explains there will be people praising for killing Muslims, an easy trap to fall into by supporting genocide. Included is the account of Japan Nationalists brutally butchered an entire family of a Muslim landlord. Shoebat states: "If you are going to support the Buddhists in Myanmar for their slaughter of the Rohingya Muslims, then you should also start hailing the Japanese imperial forces who slaughtered Muslims in their occupation of East Asia. For example, the Japanese slaughtered the Hui Muslims in China, and there is one horrific recording of this in which the Japanese slaughtered a Muslim landlord named Ha, and his wife, before raping and butchering the tenants."


Shoebat concludes with basically you can't have just good or just evil. Metaphor is justice and charity. Too much Charity gives license to those evil wicked people, having them walk over you. Too much Justice gives license to butcher anyone including shedding innocent blood. That's why we need to have the perfect balance of good and evil, good and bad, charity and justice, because one cannot live without the other is who we are.

"These Japanese were Buddhist pagans, and they did such horrific atrocities. Are we going to praise the Japanese for this? Muslims have also been slaughtering Buddhists, and this too is evil. There must be balance in our approach. One of the greatest enemies of civilization is imbalance between charity and justice. We must have justice, yes, but we must also have charity. If we just have “charity,” then there will be no charity, because we would have the evil mercy that gives license to the wicked. If we have solely justice, then we will have no justice, because we would then shed innocent blood. Charity and justice, one cannot live without the other."


At first I thought this was a joke, but seeing that it's not, it's a great article. I upvoted, but I'm new and don't add any value to it.

For start, a Buddhist could never ever do what the article is saying here.
Because the path of the Buddhist is to overcome your feelings, to enlighten yourself from this world.
So they could never ever do those actions what the article is saying.
It's a contradiction.

And what the Japanese did, is what happened in every major war worldwide.
Soldiers rape woman in every war or conflict, it has nothing to do with religion, culture or country.
It has to do with orders from above, who order soldiers to rape woman. That is to destroy the root of the nation, and that is the woman.
Look what happen to Berlin after WW2, not only Russian soldiers attacked woman, also the Allies in Western Germany.
Or how about Vietnam and Cambodia, or here in Europe Yugoslavia or in Iraq.
It's going on in every war situation, and there for it's better not to support a war, or to support a conflict, or to focus on articles who only want to divide people, by placing them in box and label them as Muslims, Christians or Buddhist.

Because the truth is, people are not what they say who they are, they are how they live.
That means if anyone is raping woman, murdering people then they are psychopaths, and not this religion or that religion!
So the only conclusion i can make is, that the article uses disinformation to get money from Christians, who could believe the article.
If they want to save Christians, let them demonstrate to stop those wars who created those situations in the first place.

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