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There’s headlines about John McChain funerals, powerful typhoon moving towards Japan and Yemeni bus was attacked by mistake.


In this report The CNN reporter has visited to detention center. It’s issues related to ethnic diversity and understanding of it. There were two persons are talks i.e. Nick and Hector. Hector says that no I haven't eat from three days ago. Nick has said that it's racist matter. Nick is an singer and songwriter in US The Stewart detention has says that we aren't endure to any kind of the culture, education and employee those are on the training. In globalization it’s core importance to learn that we have people from different backgrounds and we need to have critical thinking to tolerate all others. Core Civic takes care of this and they said that every person is under the care of us. Hector says that I'm rusticated but no one knows about this. What's happen in my life and with my family.


This news present that John McCain is die and they remember again. He was great leader of America. In US people is mourning the John McCain. Past president Barack Obama says that John McCain was scene of humor. He loved by not only his political party but by opposition too. John McCain was politician and military officer. He is known by Vietnam war, so considered as war hero too. All political members were involve in the mourning ceremony of John McCain. All said that we remember the passing the greatness of America.

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