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Tariffs leads to higher prices. According to Donald Trump Apple company will make its product in America. Trump is doing all possible measures to improve American economic situation. China is making huge amounts of Apple products but now scenario may get changed.


Serena Williams is an American player. Over a cartoon a controversy raised. Racism is too much in global scenario that no one is spared fro It. She is tennis player. She said that my body's cartoon is made by them and fun of my body. Cartoonist has defend racist drawing of Serena Williams.

On one hand there’s dignity of a person while on other side there’s creativity. Australian has again print the Serena Williams cartoon on the front page of the newspaper. Mark Knight is Editorial cartoonist said who had drawn the picture of Serena Williams.

America's National association of Black Journalists called the toon "hostile on numerous levels. There’s many ways to present art but for cartoonist and comedians it’s now very difficult to express. Serena Williams said that if you follow the twitter then you can seen my cartoon on front of newspaper. Making a cartoon or fun of anyone is an bad behavior.

Russia VS Syrian
In this report, there is war between two countries. The two countries are Syrian and Russia. Russia says that Syria is attacking with chemical weapons. John R. Bolton is National Security Advisor of the United States say that we will strongly response to them. In past Syria has did this war and know again. Rebels are prepare for war. Syria is preparing to war at America. America President will soon give his decision. Donald Trump has given the statement that many people are die and wounded in chemical war in the Syria. The attack was done on April 7. In Syria, Syria Civil Defend team has rescues the people. The Syria Civil Defend is also known as White Helmets. Syria Civil Defend team has rescues the people who are injure, wounded and taken to the hospital. Women, little children etc are protected. Syrian government denies consistently utilizing compound weapons. Its partner Russia says it has confirm that the episode was arranged with the assistance of the UK.

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