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Ukraine vote for president.

The woman do not feel pain.

Cholera cases in Beira is double in past 48 hours.

The two men owned in Dhaka block to appear in the court.

The prime minister of Israel hosts Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro.

IN Venezuela is recovering slowing from third power outage in a month. Venezuela security forces fire tear gas at protester in Caracas.

Hundreds of protester against brexit deal Irish border Saturday.

China Plane is loaded 65 tonnes of medical aid lands in Caracas.

Thousands of Palestinians mark "great march to return.

IN Israel fire tear gas at Palestinian protesters in Gaza Border.


President Donald Trump has crisis to close the Mexico Border. President Of America has blame to democrats that immigration problem. America immigration is holding the facilities far above capacity. President of America has cuts aid El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras on Saturday. President has sent to migrates to blast the Mexico border and threats to shut down down the border. trump has spend the 700 million dollars on cut border. He Threats to close the Mexico on next week. This border will close for long time not kidding. This is an illegal matter. this has been said on Friday. America's President said in rally. The Oxfam has react on aid cut has tweeted cutting foreign aid to central America is the absolute last thing the trump administration right now. There is root causes behind the migration.


The Voting in Ukraine has taken Place. IN Ukraine the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko among front runners. The Polls are open in the first round. There are 39 candidates for President election. The poll is opened in the Packed for Presidency. Comedian is in first of election ahead. No Candidate has votes more than 50% in this election. The counting has done on Sunday. The top two leaders will fight on April 21st. This will be the second round. Total 39 candidates list is shown on the paper. No candidate will receive more than half vote.

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