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Top Headlines of International News are America and Russia improving their relationship. Pope also console victims of sexual abuse which is row for two weeks. Iran hits with earthquake which results in death of two.


This report is, Sen. John McCain has dies in the age of 81, who die with brain cancer. He was Senator of the United States and among the seniors. He was served in Vietnam war, was captured into jail, so considered as war hero too. He was member of republican in politics, yet loved by all including opposition. In Australia, Canada etc other nations has pay tribute to John McCain. President Trump has deeply sympathy for john McCain to his family. He play vital role in the politics. It's sad news for the world. It's loss of great leader to world's politics.


In this report present that Nike faces a backlash in the UK over, to give a look of gangsters. Head administrator has officially made open the way that we hope to put a period restrain on the stopping board proposition. There are multiple products of Nike are available in market, all over the world . In UK 34,700 knife offences are recorded while only 21% of knife criminals are arrested, it's very much similar to third world nations. In this gang youth is involved and get motivated for crime. Not in UK but in India the are n number of criminals are wounding common people here and there. The company should be more responsible while making these products. The government should be taken steps immediately against these companies and criminals who buy these products. Mostly criminals active at night time not in a day. They are very sharp mind because they covered their faces and that, doing crime.

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