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Venezuela not able to solve its currency issues even they tried crypto currency.

Pope seems seriously concerned about sex abuse cases.

U.S. VS Russia

This report is about the trump said that I could run mueller probe if I want. Every day there’s new claims of falsehood of Trump. Robert Mueller is an American attorney. There is a never ending issues between the Russian and USA. There were done pony crime and says what's collusion. James Comey is a lawyer and former director of the federal bureau of Investigation in America. Trump had not ending issues with media, so it’s not easy to understand if media is faking it. James comey says to trump that tell the truth.


This report is that, Brake Horse Power billiton results world largest miner net profit drop down 37% to 33%. Mining is still profitable business. In India there’s large possibility of mining but India is not encased it. Total revenue hopped 20% to US$43.6 billion commodities price increased. BHP is brake horse power, a major shipper of iron metal, oil, copper and coal, it was the best hidden benefit since 2014.

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