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In history of India is In 1949, Indian Constitutional Assembly approved Hindi as Rajya language while some call it Rashtra language. Jack has announced the retirement. Reserve Of Bank India has said that Fraud scam the action is taken. Soon internet facilities will provided in flight it’s one one long awaited demand of passengers. NDA is fall to running fronts said by the past Prime Minister of India i.e. Manmohan Singh.

Bharatiya Janata Party

There is no one like India Prime Minister Narendra Modi said by BJP. It’s seem sure that next election will be also on name of Modi. Prime Minister was top choice of the People when he wants to become next Prime minister in India with 49% vote and second choice of the people is Rahul Gandhi with 27% votes in the elections of Prime Minister. While these survey has no faith of common people. Almost all surveys and exits polls proved wrong in India. 49% people has said that Rahul Gandhi is better in the politics. So just ignore these data which is nothing but way to get some TRP. It's an war between the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress Party of India. Coming elections will be interesting. The world is talks about the formation of alliance against BJP. The former prime minister of India has said that NDA is fails to working in his government. Vision 2022 politics has presents their proposal.


In India petrol is important report nowadays. Fuel rates are Rs.12 petrol is increased and Rs. 10 diesel is increased. Government needs to think about it otherwise coming elections will be difficult for them. In capital of India petrol is Rs. 80.50. How can ordinary people will be afford too high rates of petrol. All India petrol rate is increased si ordinary people are disturb by it. In different-different states different- different rates of petrol. Like are: in Chennai 76.75, Mumbai-77.09, Kolkata-75.46 etc. While falling in rupee as compare to dollar So all the things rates are increased including petroleum products.

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the exit poll shows that, again bjp win the 2019 election