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Top Headlines of India news i.e. Prime minister has greeting to all at Raksha Bandhan. This is festival of relationships of brothers and sisters. India really cares about various relationships and have celebrations for them. The dream of Atal ji a country said by Modi. Previous week was on name of Atal. Director Manjit Singh of SGPC , attacked someone in America. Sikhism has many issues but these attacks are needed to solve. India after demonetization tried hard for cash less economic and Digital transaction is number one in Punjab National Bank. There’s need to do more for digital transactions fees also by government.


IN this report awe talk about mann Ki Baat of 47 episode, it’s also indicated that how Modi is only interested in one way of talking. Prime minister has talks to the people and remember to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Opposition also said that BJP tried to convert votes by sympathetic waves created after Atal death. There was mourning situation in India. Prime minister said that Atal ji gives a new political culture to India. But even BJP not able to continue that culture. Atal ji has changed budget timing. One country has mentioned one election said by the prime minister. Prime minister Modi says that preparations of festivals began. We will celebrates the engineer day on 15th September. In Mann Ki Baat people asked question for the Modi. Eventually prime minister says that thanks very much to join me or together with me by online and meet you again.


This report present that there’s huge issue of malnutrition in India as it is in all third world countries. In complimentary feed A child can chew and swallow gradually. A child gets their teeth in age of one year. There’s issues of poor diets due to less variety. We can add different different varieties in his diet. Stomach of kids is small. The feed should be given to child two-three time in a day still six-eight months with including mother's milk also. Varieties of should be increased and it will be helps in proper growth of child. In case of kids food there’s need of extra conscious. Avoid the hard food for child provide only an soft food to them. Poor diet will be increased the risk of diseases and effect on the immune system. Growth chart helps a lot to monitor kids growth. Mother milk helps to fight with diseases and become strong child.

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