The climax of powerlessness and ignorance is captured in horrific images

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A bear hit by a car was left for almost 20 hours to agonize over a road in Harghita. Gendarmes, police officers, veterinarians and representatives of the Environmental Guard guarded him during this time.

They waited for a ministerial order to end their suffering, though the law required them to intervene. Only today, the wild animal that had no chance of survival was shot. Even the Minister of Environment stated that the authorities behaved inhumanly and the county prefect was dismissed.

Minute by minute and hour by hour, the murmur of the authorities increased the suffering of the animal. Nearly 20 hours, the bear agonized on the road while representatives of the institutions that should have helped him looked at him like a circus.

The bear of almost 400 kilograms was hit by a car on Saturday, at 18 and 45 minutes, between Praid and Sovata. Two carriers and one child were in the car that hit the field following the impact. People escaped unharmed. Only the child received SMURD care after suffering a panic attack. Immediately, the population was warned through the RO-ALERT system to shelter.

All night long, the bear who had suffered extremely serious injuries was guarded by police and gendarmes. The animal managed to get from the field to the road, and the authorities did nothing but isolate the perimeter and direct the movement. Because the veterinarian cleared of the area did not have a tranquilizer, another specialist was called.


Five doses were used and not even one seemed to work. During this time, the representatives of the responsible institutions looked at each other, waiting for directions from the Ministry of Environment.

Meanwhile, chaos erupted in the area. Dozens of locals came with the children to watch the show of powerlessness. It was not until noon that the suffering of the animal was ended. The bear was shot twice. But even when he was picked up by a bulldozer, he hadn't died yet.

The Environment Minister reacted harshly after the controversial intervention: "It is unbelievable what is happening in the harghita county. How cynical and inhuman can the behavior of someone leaving agonizing for hours an injured wild animal on the roadside? In this case, local authorities could intervene. without problems. They had a legal framework. "



According to a Government decision of 2010, if a copy of a protected species is accidentally injured or killed, the responsibility for taking over it belongs to the local public administration. So, the animal should have helped from the first minutes after the accident!

For the failure of Harghita, the prefect of the county was dismissed by the Interior Minister. The entire intervention will be verified. A meeting was convened tomorrow morning at the Ministry of Environment.

Warning: This Video affect you emotionall

After almost 19 hours of bitter suffering, the bear was shot in the middle of the street after a brief consultation with a veterinarian. Doctors from other countries are struggling for hours to save an animal, no matter how much effort is needed. Dozens of veterinarians said the bear could be operated on and live.

By this petition I support the sanction of the doctor who consulted the bear and decided that it is necessary to be killed, that doctor no longer has the right to decide the fate of any animal! Please sign the petition, only this way we can do something and defend the rights of animals.

Sign This Petition And Please Share the Post. This Is Unnaceptable

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