The KGB Agent Who Predicted EVERYTHING! With G. Edward Griffin

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15 to 20 years is how long it takes to change the morals and ideologies of a nation…

Marxist and Lenin ideologies have penetrated North American schools and this was certainly not by accident according to former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov. We know this because of a ground breaking interview conducted by G. Edward Griffin, best selling author of “The Creature From Jekyll Isle”.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with G. Edward Griffin about this interview, it’s amazing prediction of the future and what the take away needs to be moving forward if we want to get our North American youth back on track, which is well within our means!


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ohhh yuri, yuri!

yuri yuri yuri yuri bezmenov!

the incessant anti-russian propaganda is for many reasons; liars hate the truth.

Could you please Ritter upload on post with youtube or dtube. Discussion still gets split

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I posted a question on fb... but I wanted to preserve it somewhere it can't be erased on a whim...

Dan, you mention a question in your interview: Is it possible to reverse or use the same tactics to turn these circumstances into something beneficial for us?

I would suggest these tactics are based upon the masses ignorance of human nature, the inherent weaknesses that are being taken advantage of, that once made obvious to the general public, makes it entirely obsolete and useless.

I'll point to works like The Art of Communication, David Hawking's work, The Laws of Human Nature by R.Greene and Bruce Lipton's Epigenetics.

The lingering problem would be the literal brain damage that is done to individual's Prefrontal Cortex from the long term effects of being in a victim mindset. As the masses have been conditioned and programmed to do and are demonstrating.

Remember, we're dealing with con-men and snake oil salesmen. They've found themselves a way to train the public to be easy marks. And the easiest marks are made the leaders.

I think we have plenty of hope and opportunity to flip it and flip it quick. And that's why they're so fearful and trying to stomp out the decent so blatantly. The beauty of our message though is... it's good for everyone that listens... even the one's at the very top.

And again... thank you for your tireless efforts Dan!


anything conditioned can be re-conditioned - the human mind is as fluid and elastic as the individual wants it to be - diet and environment are also limiting factors.

so in answer to your question - yes, absolutely, given the means we could start programming people to be self-reliant and responsible, to love their neighbours as themselves; to be stress and disease free; to want to work hard because it renders service and makes them independent responsible social beings.

we could, but there is unfortunately zero per cent chance of our 'team' gaining hold of any of the mainstream information channels - you get about three minutes a week of truth on the telescreen, the rest is either programming or outright lies.

those books sound most interesting, thank you.