Hip Hop Legend Sen Dog of CYPRESS HILL on Censorship And The Monopolization of Cannabis in Canada!

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Hip hop legends Sen Dog and B-Real of Cypress Hill took to the stage at Vancouver’s annual 420 event this weekend

playing a set full of cannabis friendly tunes to thousands of happy viewers. Cypress Hill have been a hugely influential band who have used their fame as a way to raise awareness about cannabis prohibition and the need for legal access to medicine.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill about the monopolization of the cannabis industry in Canada under the guise of “legalization”. They also discuss the current climate of censorship where alternative voices are being silenced by major tech companies who are anti free speech.

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Dan Dicks is a good journalist, but a post-legalisation, watered down message from Cyrpus Hill? Meh...where was this message before they were invited to a massive 4/20 in Vancouver? Money talks and ego even louder. We sure love hits from the bong though, now that's classic! ;)


Yeah, where were these activists at all the previous 420s here in Vancouver? Getting paid to appear elsewhere, probably. All respect where respect is due of course, but come on.

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I'm a longtime stoner, activist, and lover of conscious hiphop. I had barely heard of these guys until a week ago! And because they were hired to grow the size of the audience, I decided not to attend - for the first time in a decade. I stayed home and did activism toward ending cannabis prohibition. I didn't feel like taking the day off to hear "hits from the bong" live.


Dude these guys have done so much for cannabis activism. That song hits from the bong was released when cannabis was still very illegal. If you have seen what they have done in the early 90's for cannabis, I think your perception of Cyprus Hill will change.


I don't know their songs, or their history. Not because I dislike them... just because I don't know them :)
You're right, pushing the envelope is a form of activism. Even the simple message "you can use cannabis and still be an artist" was important back then (and even still now).

Have a look at this music video by my friend Disl. I find the music enjoyable, and the lyrics full of knowledge that can help inspire and educate activists like myself. Everybody's taste in music is different of course!


Right on! Also tbh I would not call myself a huge fan of cypress hill. But I remember when I was in DARE class I brought in the cd booklet from cypress hills album Bloody Sunday, since it had 21 facts about cannabis, taken from the book “the emperor wears no clothes “ by jack herer.


Facts about cannabis! See, there you go, that's solid activism too. So they're educators, and they helped normalize it! Respect.
Yeah Jack Herer was an amazing pioneer!


Hell yeah he was! Also one of my all time favorite strains as well! I’m actually thinking I should get a clone and grow it 🤠 hope you had a good 420, I saw the @girlsofgreendid.