DTube - Global 5G WIFI Will Be INESCAPABLE - What You NEED To Know!

in news •  6 months ago

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Just wanna let you know that you have an ETH address as your EOS deposit address.... That is useless. You can’t receive EOS there anymore 😜 So you’ll have to create an EOS Account... 👍🏽

A good start!

It is very, very scary! For everyone, and especially those of us already sensitive. This is a great reminder I need a new bed time routine that doesn't involve a cellphone.
Shielded Hemp homes maybe? https://en.geovital.com/grand-designs-features-emf-radiation-shielded-new-built-hemp-home-in-new-zealand-episode-2-season-2/


@kaykunoichi sir rely best system

Global WiFI... A worldwide tracking system :)

download (22).jpg

this is really frightening stuff! As they mentioned, people are begging for this stuff whether they understand what it is or not. Here in Houston, Texas they are already installing these towers along the freeways as well as in residential neighborhoods. It may sound crazy but this is part of the elite's plan to reduce world population to 500k. If not then it is very true that they are poisoning us in the attempt to jack up healthcare costs and make us dependent on big government.

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@pressfortruth That is futile. You can't get there any longer So you'll need to make an Record. This is an extraordinary update I require another sleep time schedule .

Even scarier to think what the next step after 5G!