Canadian Psyop Exposed! We Have A Serious Illegal Immigrant Issue But That’s All A Part Of The Plan!

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There is currently a psychological operation being waged on the Canadian people right now

as the open vs closed border debate intensifies on all sides of the political spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you’re a conservative or a liberal or a libertarian either way chances are you have a strong opinion about border control, or the lack there of and

in this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains that this is by design and the endgame solution or the order to come from the chaos will be an eventual one world government.

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This is the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan in action, as proposed 100 years ago to Mr. Rothschild. The future human will be brown, of mixed race with an IQ of 80, have no gender, is infertile, is being created in the lab, enhanced with technology, connected to the grid. As icing on the cake the immigration can be used for a little bit of 'divide and conquer' to have the sheeple cull the flock themselves...

We see this here in Burnaby (outskirts of Vancouver). Syrian and Somalian neighborhoods are everywhere, characterized by damaged property, untended yards, welfare, petty crimes. Some are legal refugees, some are illegal, some are somewhere in between. Many come from places where the culture/religion forces them to go into other countries, reproduce, use social services, and take over through culture/religion. It reminds me a little bit of Civilization for the PC, where you could win in other ways than just blowing up your enemies directly. They're in like Flynn. My wife and I were homeless due to the housing crisis here, and couldn't get any services to help us, neither government nor private. Everything was filled up and overflowing already. In some cases there was an opening but only if we were indigenous or refugee. Or addicted to opiates. We ended up sleeping on concrete a bunch of nights last year, it sucked. We've paid a ton of taxes in this country (not saying that's a good thing, just saying) and when we needed some help there wasn't any. It definitely felt like the illegal refugee crisis had an effect on us.
PS: DTube doesn't work for 90% of users. Thanks for uploading to YT.

Great Post from Dan, as always. Thanks a lot for spreading truth and awareness. Thanks a lot for exposing the evil plans.

Great Post. I have always had this intuition that there is some enormous evil plan behind , Canada's seemingly sweet and generous immigration policy.

Your spot on!
I still don’t know how anyone could doubt Soros involvement in this stuff! I’m gonna watch your post on him and that Application he’s behind. Thank u for doing what u do bud👍

Soros was never even a name mentioned 10 years ago, now every online "educated" person mentions him like hes the only one running the show.

Damn that Soros!

If he has so much time maybe he should go play some video games, and sail around the world on his yacht?

Or could this have also been a seeded parrot thought since its being repeated so much.

Not saying hes not involved but you all are taking reality and stretching it into illogical fiction.

Old men these days suck on both sides of the spectrum. Not just one guys name but a bunch of them.

My country, Canada, was built by immigrants. Stopping immigration is a right wing ploy. What else is new?

Your always on point!
Gonna watch now👍


Umm, dan,
Care to point out exactly where personal property rights are listed in the Canadian constitution?
They are not...

Nor do they need to be. Read Section 26.

You were so awesome at the g20, but now your reporting for money and you've become another brick in the wall.

Do it for free only way I trust any opinions these days.

This is another parrotted thought programmed agenda topic.

Core issue: "Why are there so many people trying to get away from their own section of the worrld?"

Oh yeah people profittimg off of global chaos!

So sad Dan, i'll support your music but not you being a propaganda mouthpeice. Sry

Want to fix the issue or just point fingers and never actually resolve it.

Stop war, rebuild homes, send em home.
Problem solved!