Beyond The Burger Craze: The Truth About Plant Based “Meat” Products That You’re NOT Being Told!

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Who doesn’t love a good burger?

The newest burger craze to hit the world is the “Beyond Meat” burger or the “Impossible” burger which are both plant based burgers with claims to be a healthier option over their beef counterparts for both the environment and for human beings. But is there any evidence for these claims?

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how the plant based “beyond meat” and “impossible” burgers are highly processed foods and highly processed foods have been proven to have links to the development of various diseases…when people eat more processed foods, they are likely to consume more calories and gain weight, a study by the National Institutes of Health found. With added weight gain can come such complications as kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease.

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You're desperate to lash out at Beyond Meat and other flesh alternatives because you're addicted to abusing animals, Dan. You can't give up your addiction to cows and chickens, which is endorsed and sponsored by the state, big agri, and big pharma. You feel guilty about paying companies to enslave, torture, fatten up, abuse, breed, murder, and hack up sentient beings. This is your way of striking back at something which you can't accept because it would change your worldview.
There's no ethical way to farm sentient beings for their body parts and reproductive byproducts.
And it's completely unnecessary. Humans require NOTHING nutritionally from animals. Nothing.
So the opinion of some businessman (who no longer works for the company) that the product is unhealthy is moot. Why you even brought it up, like it was some sort of evidence, I don't understand.
You're suddenly making videos warning people about salt in their food? Hahaha, come on. You don't care about high sodium levels in foods. You're motivated to discredit Beyond, but not because it's actually unhealthy. You said it yourself - nobody who is worried about their health eats burgers every day. This is something you eat now and then, not all day every day. Like chips. Like chocolate. Like pizza.
It's actually kinda funny (but pathetic) to see you scrambling to deflect the guilt you feel about your lifestyle choices. You're normally a smart guy... It's almost like you're joking, trolling perhaps, but clearly you're legit trying to find anything you can to make Beyond look bad.
Beef is the #1 destroyer of the environment, producer of C02, producer of methane, user of O2, user of water, user of land space, polluter of rivers and oceans. The grains raised to feed cows (which could have fed all the world's humans many times over) are largely grown using slash and burn techniques, often in old-growth forests like the Amazon. This has been going on increasingly for decades, and we've altered the face of the planet in our desire for cheap cow flesh. It's unsustainable and coming to an end.
We already have enough farm land to feed the planet with plants, Dan. Far more than we need, even. All we have to do is stop eating protein from cows, and start eating protein from legumes.
It's as though you didn't do your research on this one and just went with your emotions. You're wrong, dude, big time.
Beyond burgers use non-GMO ingredients. There's no wheat (gluten), and no animal products of any kind. There's also no soy. If you read the ingredient list there's only a handful. Pea and bean protein, coconut oil, beet juice, garlic powder, etc. Really high-quality food, and that is coming from a guy who is incredibly selective about what he eats. It's delicious and worth the price.
Criticizing vegans for buying Beyond products at restaurants that also sell animal products is ridiculous, Dan. Vegans have always bought at supermarkets that also sell meat products, too, but you didn't make videos about that! We have to vote with our dollars, Dan. We have to support companies that sell products we want to see more of. What do you want vegans to do, grow all their own plants and make all their own raw meals at home? Come on.
Shameful garbage videos like this take away from the real work you do! Keep it together and focus on what matters. Vegan burgers aren't a threat to you, except exposing your illogical emotional flawed thought process. They're certainly no threat to individual liberty. With everything going on in the world right now, how can you be so hard up for video topics? Plant patties are a win for the good guys, Dan. Learn to see small victories when they happen, because they don't happen often.
Just stop abusing animals - go vegan - and nobody gets hurt!!

Hm, I agree with a lot of this but it's also patronizing, insulting, and counterproductive.

Trying to shame people into changing their diet isn't going to work. People who want to change their diet have to set realistic goals or they'll never be consistent with it.

Is it better to get 10 people to start cutting meat, processed foods, and refined sugar out of their nutrition plan, or is it better to get one person to turn vegan? Unfortunately, we don't have luxury of being idealistic about it. This is a numbers game.

I hear that.
Bit of background, I've followed Dan for many years, met him in person, he knows of me. This isn't the first time I've disagreed with him on this.
But yeah, my passion for ending animal suffering has pros and cons. People's feelings sometimes get hurt, and that's not good either.

I’ve had both and they both upset my entire digestive system. The Impossible one was worse. Took weeks to get back to normal after only half a burger.

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Whenever I've tried a meat substitute burger it's gone down OK but came back up shortly after as a projectile.