Jack Posobiec: George Soros and Google Lobbyists Planted John Oliver Net Neutrality Campaign

in news •  2 years ago

Jack Posobiec writes an interesting piece on Net Neutrality and the forces behind the propaganda.

“George Soros and Google Lobbyists Planted John Oliver Net Neutrality Campaign” by @JackPosobiec https://medium.com/@JackPosobiec/george-soros-and-google-lobbyists-planted-john-oliver-net-neutrality-campaign-c8d6668db12e

Whilst I haven't fully looked into the inticacies of the Net Neutrality argument, the following snippet of information from Jack Posobiec's article raises grave concerns.

Infowars recently reported that Google, Soros, and others have spent $72 million to influence public opinion through public relations to promote the idea that the internet should be regulated under Title II of the Communications Act as a public utility.

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Isn't that espionage, government subversion (on the part of John Oliver), and treason (on the part of Soros and the Google lobbyists? I'm pretty sure we have the death penalty for that in USA. I think it's lethal injection. When do we start the trials? Seeing their trials on a free internet would be amazing.


I agree @lifeworship, but nobody is willing to act. That's the biggest problem.

In the Philippines, Dutuerte threatened Soros with death. Soros immediately cancelled a planned trip to the Philippines.



Here it is much the same. Always they seem to avoid justice for even the most egregious offenses.