@nolnocluap's Portfolio Update #5: News, Gold & Silver Hit, Buy More?, EOS! Making My FIRST Purchase Into This Rally, How You Can Easily Do So Too, NFP Print, The Fed & The Importance Of Hardware Wallets!

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Some big updates in this crazy world of ours as I write to you today. It's 05:19.

Yes, in the morning. Yes, on a weekend.

When I woke up and browsed the news I had to jump out of bed, put on a particularly strong herbal-man-tea and smash out this content as the investment, economic and crypto landscape changes so fluidly it's like sleep is a luxury we can indulge in less and less. Please find my thoughts and offerings for today below. My wish is that this content helps you to come to your own good investment decisions for the day.

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Precious Metals Hit, Time To Buy?

That was a good segue into the metal price action for the night. One of the first things that caught my attention in my feed this morning was analysis from @marketreport where Gregory Mannarino calls out silver price rigging here as displayed below

Here's Greg's subsequent rant! Worth a watch.

Heading over to kitco.com to check it out and sure enough, we see that gold and silver have yet again taken a significant hit



Just yesterday I mentioned here that I was contemplating my next silver buy but was waiting for the moment. This could be the chance I'm looking for. Looking at AUD silver pricing thanks to BullionVault, the drop has made things a bit more attractive, but has only taken us back to the price action seen earlier this week.


I looked to pick up some more but didn't want to commit to the monster box I discussed yesterday. I looked at the nice 10 oz NTR bar that I wrote about here (pictured below) that I last picked up in the middle of September.

The buy price then was AUD 246.40 and the live price now to buy another is AUD 246.86 so there's not really much to talk about there. I decided to not pick up any new silver yet on this dip given the large purchase I'd already made last month and posted about here

As a related note, I liked this short Kitco video that appeared on my YouTube feed this morning where Kevin O'Leary discusses why he avoids investments in metal miners and goes straight to the commodity itself. Made a lot of sense to me actually so I include it here for those interested.

EOS On A Tear. I'm In

OK I can't look the other way any more. Last night I downloaded the Exodus wallet for Windows and installed it. There you can find an easy way to purchase EOS. As this is my first time doing this I thought I'd throw in a screen shot in case others are looking to do the same. Don't forget to record your recovery phrase when setting up any new wallet!


I decided to fuel up my Exodus wallet with some Ethereum for a couple of reasons.

  • Ethereum isn't doing much for me at the moment, it's in a channel.
  • Lower transaction fees and faster transfers than Bitcoin. I got stung with my first delay over a day with Bitcoin a week ago and just don't want to suffer that again when I'm buying into a tear.

I set my stopwatch and in 27 seconds, the ETH had arrived in my new wallet. Happy with that! I then went through the exchange process pictured above and it's very intuitive. They've done a great job with this wallet. Animations and sounds keep you engaged and informed as the process runs its course. In under a minute I received my EOS so...

I'm now officially an EOS holder!

Hardware Wallets

This has been topical recently. I've done a number of posts on my KeeyKey. Just yesterday, @scaredycatguide did a great write up on wallets here and overnight @dollarvigilante produced some more great info. These really aren't as scary as you may believe. Feel free to hit me up on Discord if you'd like any help getting yourself started with one of these.

I've posted on my experiences a few times before:

  • I did a KeepKey unboxing video here
  • I wrote up my decision to buy a KeepKey and also ran through a crypto primer with some maths and examples here

... but again, I'm happy to help others if you feel you're not confident in taking the leap.

As I mentioned, this morning there was a video release by Jeff Berwick on exactly this topic. This video is an interview with Joseph Wang of www.cryptohwwallet.com at the Texas Bitcoin conference and I agree that this is something people should be looking at seriously.

NFP Print & US News

Let's finish with some thoughts from Gregory Mannarino which I'll summarise below.

  • Jobs numbers in the US came out last night here in Australia and they missed Wall St expectations
  • Unemployment came down a bit
  • Numbers are pointing towards a Fed rate hike
  • Although US market is digesting this, he sees markets there continuing to rise
  • Goldman Sachs has apparently been implicated in money laundering with a foreign bank and so their shares are down (personally, I don't see why, fraud is the preferred business model for investment banks, isn't it?)
  • Some interesting reveals from Trump on the stock market closing at an all time high and the dovishness of the next Fed Chair appointment in terms of future market performance in the US.


Thanks for reading to the end, oh valued follower. It's time for me to go and participate in the real world and refresh that cup of particularly strong herbal-man-tea. Have a great weekend!

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Awesome info mate! I find it amusing that EOS (started by steemit co-founder Dan Larimer) is ripping while Steem continues to trail lower.

And yeah, I have done so much worse by investing in the miners over the past 10 years than if I'd of just held the actual commodity. Lessons, lessons :-)

Lots of lessons aren't there @scaredycatguide. I'm rich for lessons but still not in that lambo. Oh well, a necessary path isn't it.

It's one of life's ironies isn't it that Dan's current project is ripping while Steem is melting. It's an interesting observation.

You know there was so much to write about this morning, I neglected to write about the lengthy realestate show on Australian TV last night. Covered a female couple who have been stung by the "property always goes up" rubbish and have over committed at a time in Melbourne when the market has pulled back. They're expecting a child, have bought in Brisbane already at maxed-out finance before selling in Melbourne and now are looking at significant losses if not the loss of the whole portfolio.

A symptom of this flipping concept. They bought the Melbourne property as a renovator but seemingly without the skills. That's the greater fool concept right in your face. The TV show came in an renovated it for them for $15k that allowed them to compete with the market at the time and at least try to move it for a loss. It wasn't moving for anything prior!

I smell a bush fire.

I see the smoke.

This has 2008 rings to it for sure.

Thought you'd be interested.

Oh yeah - Aussie housing gonna get nasty. You should check out @jasonstaggers blog, he's an aussie that talks mainly about real estate.

Ah yes I follow @jasonstaggers it's good stuff.

I'm torn on what's happening now. Part of me is excited about the opportunities that a correction will provide to those who have done it hard sitting out this market but another part of me feels for the suffering that will come to those who are in it, via self inflicted stupidity, ignorance or otherwise.

It'll have broad reaching social and economic impacts and we dont have any other economy drivers here at the moment. We've just stopped building cars. What else do we do? Make coffee?

Thanks for the updates. I’ve considered installing exodus wallet any tips?

Hey @stephen-somers, seriously it's one of the easiest and trouble free experiences I've had. Grab the download from https://www.exodus.io/releases/ and it's all self explanatory. You simply send some crypto to the wallet (there are plenty of options built it, I just chose ETH as it's what I wanted to spend) and then move to the exchange tab on the right and select EOS as the target. Then it's simply like another transfer. You even get a little red exclamation mark next to the "Backup" tab to remind you to record your recovery info. I'm pleased with it so far!

I'll probably run the same wallet on my Linux system, I just chose Windows as it was easy for me to get up and running last night as that's what I was using. Let's just hope the timing is right for the EOS buy!

Thanks I’ll give it a try tomorrow

Great, let's hope it works out for us both!

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Good report! Thanks for info and discussion.

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence @thedamus - and hopefully for your upvote on my coin comp entry here 😉

Comments off appreciation like yours make the hours required to produce material like this all worth while so I'm genuinely happy you get value from it!

...just hit ya with some sugar!!!


You rock! 😆

Power chords all the way!


And, we have a WINNER!!!

Wow! Thank you for your support @thedamus!

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Ah thank you so much @taylor.swift. You are one of my regular readers and I appreciate the support, especially for your support upvoting my comment here since the plugs are now totally without shame!

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Wow what a heart warming accolade @dhimanyog. I'm very glad that you see such value in what I do. It's why I do it!

Thank you kindly👍

Did you get a chance at all up up vote my competition entry comment by any chance here? Greatly appreciated!

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So you just recently DL'd the Exodus wallet, huh? Wouldn't you agree that few sounds are better than the jingle of coins coming in? Nice Post!

Yeah it appeals I must say!

Thanks for info and discussion

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