Ariana Grande 'overwhelmed' on return to Manchester at Pride

in news •  2 months ago 

Ariana Grande told fans she was "overwhelmed" and "so nervous" as she was welcomed back to Manchester for the first time since the 2017 terror attack and subsequent benefit concert.

The crowd chanted her name during her set at Manchester Pride on Sunday.

Armed police patrolled outside the event, which came two years after a suicide bomber killed 22 people after her concert at Manchester Arena.

"Manchester holds a very special place in my heart," the superstar said.

She told the crowd: "I'm so happy to be with you, so thank you for having me. Sorry, I'm so nervous. I had so much more to say but I'm really very overwhelmed. So thank you."

The US singer began her 35-minute, nine-song set with No Tears Left To Cry, the first song she released after the bombing, and the night was at times emotional for both the singer and her fans.
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